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About Breakdown Sports
The goal of Breakdown Sports is to look more in-depth than other sources you will find. In the past, I've worked for several bloggers to do in-depth game breakdowns. I want to look at plays, concepts, ideas, techniques, and all the nitty-gritty that you don't get elsewhere. I want to bridge the gap between the moderate fan and the fanatic and the coaching perspective and apply it to Big Ten football.

Hopefully this works out. I'll also be posting links to the other sites I still plan on contributing to. Many of the first posts will just be detailing my upcoming plans. So please, if you enjoy the site and the idea, tell your friends, tell other fans, leave comments, and hopefully we can work together to not only discuss football, but teach football, and make the B1G more knowledgeable than any other group of fanbases.

About Me
Growing up, I've always been fascinated with how things actually work, not just from a broad perspective, but the intimate details. When it comes to my passions, I've always been a bit more ambitious and intense than sometimes is really called for. That ambition struck a nerve when it came to football, and that's part of the motivation for this site.

I started coaching high school football back in 2006. Since then, I've been regularly doing things to help expand my knowledge on football, from attending camps and clinics, to watching more and more film. I've had great opportunities and learned many things from many, many great coaches, including numerous ones currently on Big Ten staffs. I've coached or assisted in every position group. Defensively, I've been a part of teams that have run 4-3 over and a 4-2-5. On offense, it's been anything from a single-wing to a pistol oriented spread attack, and a lot of things in between.

Outside of this blog, I'm an aerospace engineer for one of the leading companies in the industry. Yes, I'm a rocket scientist. I also have a deep love for movies, and at any one time I've probably seen 99% of the movies on the IMDb Top 250 (and as you can expect, many more). Occasionally I get a chance to read, mostly historical non-fiction, but I also love some of the classics and Cormac McCarthy. These things may make it's way forward periodically on this blog as well, though the main focus will always be sports, particularly football.

Email: breakdownsportsblog@gmail.com
Twitter: SpaceCoyoteBDS


  1. Is there a tutorial of the very basics--basic schemes, function of personnel, &c.? For example, is there a tag system I should follow, &c.?

  2. That's something I'm currently in the process of making. Hope to have it available relatively soon for easy access