Friday, December 12, 2014

Meta: Off-season Shenanigans

Alright, not quite off-season for all you folks out there, but I'm beginning prep on the things I plan to bring to the table for this upcoming off-season. With this brief piece, I want to lay out a bit where the path forward is for this off-season and this blog, plans for some different types of posts, etc.

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1. Continue to build the foundation of "Football Fundamentals"

This part is probably the most important thing for the off-season for me. The Football Fundamentals section should start: building on several position-by-position high level information; continue to break down specific concepts (coverage, route combinations, blocking combinations, etc). This will help for what I envision this blog going forward.

2. Go back and scout team specific aspects

In some aspects, this will help with part 1, and will also be a preview of what's to come. A few examples of what I'll be looking at are:

a) Every OSU TD from this season. I can do this because I have film on them. Initially, I will break down the concept of how they scored their TD, which then can be folded into game-by-game pieces with links. Unfortunately for me, OSU scored a lot of TDs, so this will be a pretty big project.

b) Look at the improvement of the Michigan offensive line. To do this, I will attempt to go back and watch the Michigan offense (yes, I know), preferably starting from some point last year, and grade out the offensive line specifically.

c) Do the same as above but with the Nebraska defensive line. I know Gregory is gone, but I was a huge fan of Collins and Valentine as well this season and, though I likely had very little impact, I like to believe I lead the charge on Collins getting 2nd team All-B1G honors this year. Also, it'll be nice with Gregory looking to make his NFL prospects known.

I was going to do a more in-depth Wisconsin blitz package, but that doesn't really seem all too relevant now. Wisconsin fans should be quite familiar with Paul Chryst, so there also isn't much preview content to be had there. Mike Riley will get his breakdowns as I watch Oregon St games that are available. I'll do the same for Michigan when they have a coach.

This is where I'd like suggestions. It doesn't need to be position breakdowns (and WR/DB breakdowns are really viable as I don't have the footage for it, so I can't go that route MSU fans). But I can do blitz packages, I can look at the run games, and do some different things in that way. Heck, if you want me to, let me know where there were blowouts and the backups got in and I can preview them if you want. I want this off-season to get into the ideas I want for this blog going forward, and what the readers want. But I want to be able to focus on all the B1G teams and start attracting readers from across the B1G. So teams that I haven't listed as having something for above, I really want your input (and I'd still like the input of teams I did list above).

Write a comment below here. Find me on twitter @SpaceCoyoteBDS, or e-mail me (e-mail at bottom of link).

3. I'll continue to try to breakdown some random things I see with "Film Review" posts when I watch games. I may created some very belated Coaching Points posts. If I begin seeing teams mesh together similar concepts, I'll try to bring that stuff together to formulate posts on it.

So again, suggestions are very much appreciated and wanted. Contact me however you want. I'll be starting some off-season stuff next week with what I hope is about 6 posts on zone running and being multiple within a zone blocked scheme, I'll be looking at Cover 4 fundamentals shortly as well. Going back and forth on bowl-game previews (previews tend to take more work because of the depth of film review I need to do). I'm already pretty familiar with Alabama, and to a little lesser degree, Baylor. I have some familiarity with UNC (Indiana's old OC), Tennessee (CMU's old coach), Auburn (lots of Auburn hot takes the past couple years), Stanford (power football), Boston College (Addazio, former Meyer OC/OL coach), and USC (Sarkisian, from his USC days and Washington time I have limited familiarity), but it's all limited to the point where anything I did would likely be high level, as I haven't viewed them a lot recently. But that's still up in the air.

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