Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week 5: Coaching Points Round-Up

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Ohio State

  • Purdue - like many teams - ran a mesh concept. Nice, easy read for a QB that is struggling to find a rhythm
  • Purdue had some success on the ground. They ran Power O nicely a few times where their combo block really crushed NIU's interior DL.
  • LBs didn't do a good job of "reading hats" of NIU. If helmet gets high, it's pass. If low, it's run. Purdue heavily bit on PA. Part of this is because of the amount of man coverage from Purdue
  • Interior OL needs to be better with feet and hands in pass pro. Got beat once because RG reached, causing his feet to plant, and he was unable to get hands or body into DT.
  • Henry needed to do a better job of putting his receivers in a position to succeed. Against zone coverage he lead his TE into a hit. He needs to stop the TE in zone with the pass, even if the TE doesn't do it himself. On top of poor throw from Henry, TE got gator arms. Leads to an INT.

  • Wisconsin OLBs had some trouble wrapping and tackling. Gotta get the ball carrier to the ground
  • A couple times Wisconsin LBs were trying to simulate Miller's clap count.
  • OLB had a nice inside move to beat the OT, who is really hell bent on not allowing him to win outside. But once he beats the OT he needs to get back on path, staying in his rush lane.
  • Wisconsin looked to start keeping more 7 man pass pro. This allowed routes to develop as Wisconsin likes, letting Stave hit passes to the deep sideline.
  • Wisconsin got good push when running straight at OSU. Inside zone and Power O.
  • Power O to the single TE, zero WR side got a FB on a CB and has looked successful against OSU's cover 1.
  • Abbrederis catch for a TD was just about perfect. Slowed up enough to put his body between the ball and the defender, walled off defender well, then made nice run after catch.
  • Wisconsin really focused a lot on the QB run. Left them vulnerable over the top. DBs needed to do better job gaining depth and using body to prevent WRs from getting clean looks over the top.
  • Looked to me like Wisconsin Squeezed their DL and allowed their LBs to stack a bit more in the 2nd half. This prevented a lot of the inside runs and forced OSU to go outside.
  • Out of spread with a mobile QB, I actually like Wisconsin in a 4-man front to do better in rush lanes.
  • Borland is the best tackler in the B1G.
  • On OSU's last drive. OLB did a terrible job with fundamentals. Too occupied with blocker, failed to disengage or even leave outside arm free. Lost leverage, which was his assignment, and almost have up a crucial 3rd and 8 conversion to OSU.

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