Thursday, November 13, 2014

Film Review - 2014 Wisconsin Blitz Package Part I

In this post I just want to diagram every sack up to the Illinois game (post-Illinois will be covered in Part II). Unfortunately, I don't have Western Illinois film, so two sacks will be missing, so you'll have to live with 11 diagrams. I'm going to keep the descriptions of how these work mostly non-existent for the sake of brevity, outside of a brief primer. I embed video where I can and link to a clip where I can't.

Here's how we are going to list our gaps. Some teams always do it this way, I like to do it for the blitz package diagrams because it makes it easier.

Note that on each blitz you'll have a position letter and a gap (for example, the MIKE blitzing the A gap is "MA"). There are also some stunt and twists called out. COBRA is a boundary CB blitz. TEX is an DT under End twist. Angle is a DL slant to the weakside; Slant is a DL slant to the strongside.

Typically, on all these concepts, the first defender shooting a gap (so the DL shooting a gap inside for a CB blitz, or the first DL through on a DL twist) will attempt to occupy the blocker on both sides of his gap. His intention will be to turn the shoulders (even if he has to grab a bit of jersey and give a nice little punch) to the blocker that will back to the blitzer or twisting DL. At the same time the initial defender through will attempt to knock the other blocker out of position or split the blocker so that that blocker cannot maintain leverage between initial defender through and the quarterback.

[Note: I call a 2-4 Even an "Okie" front just to maintain nomenclature from a 3-4. Really what it is is a 2-4 Even, which is identical to a 4-2 Even]

Sack 1: 3rd an 9, LSU 39, 2:19 2nd Q - 2-4 Over Cover 1 Angle ND

Sack 2: 3rd and G, Wisc 5, 7:55 3rd Q - 3-4 Over Cover 2

Sack 3: 1st and 10, Wisc 48, ~12:40 4th Q - 3-4 Over Cover 4 JZ

Bowling Green
Sack 1 - 3rd and 11, BG 27, 15:00 2nd Q - 2-4 Okie Cover 1 MB TEX Weak

Sack 2 - 1st and 10, BG 21, 4:55 2nd Q - 2-4 Okie Cover 1 Angle, SC, MB

Sack 3 - 3rd and 17, BG 32, 8:24 3rd Q - 2-4 Okie Cover 1 SD, M-T AX (M under T Twist), SZ

Sack 4 - 3rd and 7, BG 27, 3:00 4th Q - 3-4 Over Cover 1 SD, JZ

South Florida
Sack 1 - 1st and 15, USF 23, ~7:30 2nd Q - 3-4 Okie Cover 4 Slant MD-Delay

Sack 1 - 1st and 10, NU 38, 8:51 2nd Q - 2-4 Okie Cover 5 Angle JY COBRA

Sack 2 - 2nd and 7, NU 46, 2:30 2nd Q - 2-4 Okie Cover 1 Slant WD, JY

Sack 3 - 1st and 10, Wisc 47, ~10:00 3rd - 2-4 Okie Cover 5 Angle JY COBRA

6 Sacks as detailed by Bucky's 5th Quarter. I'll try to diagram them for part II so that they're in my database as well.

Part II
In Part II we'll look at the next 9 (15 including the Illinois game) sacks from the Maryland, Rutgers, and Purdue games.

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