Friday, November 14, 2014

Preview: Nebraska vs Wisconsin, 2014


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Schemed to defeat Cover 4

Inverted Veer and the FB Adjustment

Inside Vertical Switch Concept

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Veer and Belly Plays


Nebraska Cover 1 Adjustment to Heavy Offenses

Cover 1

Cover 1 Adjustments

Nebraska's Base Cover 4 Defense

Cover 4 Safety Play

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Base Run Offense

Two RB Offense (Jet Sweep)

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Play Action from Heavy Personnel

Adjusting Routes to Coverage

Utilization of an H-back

Utilizing H-back to pass


Wisconsin's One-Gap 3-4 Defense

Wisconsin's 3-4 D vs 12 Personnel

Wisconsin Blitz Package

Wisconsin's Base Cover 1 Defense

Cover 1 Adjustments

Cover 4 Defense

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  1. Had a question on twitter regarding Nebraska's Armstrong and the QB run game. My response:

    I think Armstrong will be key to Nebraska moving the ball on the ground. Especially if Abdullah isn't 100%. Expect more QB designed runs that look like reads but are default keeps (maintains a RB option, but blocks set for keep), such as Counter read (similar to a power read but the blocking is an Counter OT or Counter H back away from RB flow).

  2. Asked about use of Armstrong and his latitude in checking to plays (specifically QB runs). My response:

    I think Beck tried to simplify some of the read intricacies in the offseason. You see fewer of the bubble options attached to read plays and fewer read plays in general. If they were going to spring it out, this would be a good game to do so. I think this was for a few reasons: to make the offense easier for Armstrong; to reduce reads and reduce the amount of practice devoted to making those reads correctly so that Armstrong can effectively do the other things he's asked; to get the offense to be more decisive and play faster.

    You may also expect some QB draws in 3rd and medium and 2nd and long situations with a "check with me" call to have the ability to get out of it if necessary.

  3. Asked about how Wisconsin plays 3rd down and long situations. My response:

    Wisconsin prefers to blitz rather than stay in base. Their nickel package is a 2-4 (two down DL and four LBs). They'll bring anywhere from 3 to 6 guys, but typically 4 or 5. They like to stunt on the interior (TEX stunts, for example) and send pressure of the edge with OLBs, DBs, or even looping ILBs. Lots of Cover 1 behind the blitz.

  4. Is Wisconsin's OL ready to handle the Nebraska Blackshirts? My response:

    Wisconsin will really want to stay out of 3rd and long situations where Nebraska can afford to move Gregory around and put him in stand up positions where he's gotten free runs at QBs this year. If they can stay in 3rd and 5 or less then they can always threaten run with their offense. I really like Nebraska's DL against zone schemes, and think the LBs can play well enough to hold it down mostly (with Gordon you always worry about the cutback). But I do have some concerns when Wisconsin pulls some change-ups and goes to their man and gap running schemes; that could get Gordon running in space.

    1. To add on to this. "Agree but the LB play has been better each week. Gerry Mitchell and Davie will be active in those gaps. Press on QB critical".

      I do agree with him here that the LB play has improved over the course of the year. Needs to be better than improved in this one. Nebraska at times has struggled a little bit to finish tackles (ex, first half against Northwestern). Northwestern doesn't have anyone even approximating what Gordon brings to the table with regards to breaking tackles and what he does after doing so. Need to finish plays and get bodies around the ball carrier.