Monday, August 12, 2013

Recruit Breakdown: Dimonic McKinzy

Ceiling: 6.75                Ranking: 4.75               Floor: 3

School: Wyandotte (Kansas City, KS)

School: Ursuline (Youngstown, OH)

Size: 6'0" - 210 lbs.

Composite: 3 Star, 0.8547, #19 Dual, #716 Overall

247: 3 Star, 88, #14 Dual

Rivals: 3 Star, 5.6, ATH

Scout: 3 Star, #27 Dual

Favorites: Minnesota (Commit)
Other Notable Offers: Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska

  • Able to drop the ball into various levels of the defense
  • Very good escapability in the pocket
  • Physical player on defense

Gets relatively good rotation on the ball so that it doesn't hang in the air much. Can drop the ball in between levels of the defense with little extra hang time because of this. When he does step into throws and get a higher release he is capable of hitting digs and some shorter posts with good ball velocity, putting it on the receivers relatively quickly, but he is very inconsistent in this area. 

Does a good job escaping initial pressure. Uses his hands well to shed tacklers and then finds openings and attacks. Doesn't run beyond his capabilities, picks up the yards his is able to without losing yards trying to make a bigger play - this is a very good thing for most QBs, IMO, because it sets you up to be in better position on the next play and protects the QBs body.

As a CB he is a very willing hitter. He will dip his shoulder and isn't afraid of contact. Reacts well to underneath routes when run off on the outside receiver. Has a pretty good understanding of pass route concepts.

  • Height will be an issue at QB seeing the whole field
  • Slings and pushes the ball, causing accuracy issues
  • Decision making is often highly questionable when pressured

Size is going to be the first thing talked about by most. He is relatively short and he is still pretty slight when actually looking at him. 

As a QB, his footwork is still very choppy and robotic. He doesn't look fluid dropping back right now and transitioning to a throwing position. He tends to sling or push the ball rather than come over the top. Makes some poor decisions when pressured, throwing into traffic that he won't get away with at the next level. Not good at throwing on the run, slings the ball across his body rather than getting shoulders and hips up field and driving the ball through and over the top. Doesn't have great zip on the ball, can't fit it into small windows in the short game or push the ball on a line up the field deep. Will struggle to hit outs at the next level, though the ball velocity is adequate enough for a B1G level on many other passes.

Not an explosive athlete in the open field, doesn't make many defenders completely miss, instead often gets slowed down and sheds tacklers with his hands. Will take hits at the next level because of that.

As a CB he has very little technique to speak of right now. He appears slow in his back peddle and looks uncomfortable turning and flipping hips (in the little footage there is of that).


It's difficult to tell a lot about McKinzy because his video isn't very clear. On top of that, he's clearly a very raw athlete that has some ability at QB. But right now he simply is not very polished. His throwing mechanics are all over the place, particularly with his feet and body positioning. He tends to sling the ball, which will cause it to sail at times and lose accuracy, especially if he really tries to push the ball into windows. When he does step into his throws and does throw over the top, he shows much improved ball velocity and accuracy, but he rarely does this at this stage. Has decent zip on the ball, so it doesn't float, but it also doesn't get on receivers as quickly as you'd like. He's unlikely to be making many out route throws or really attacking the sideline, and until he learns to throw on the run it'll be difficult for him to attack the whole field with his arm.

As CB he is also raw. He isn't an explosive athlete, and lacks some quickness and top end speed. But he is willing to step up and hit someone, he is willing to press, and he does recognize what is happening underneath.

  • Start at QB with potential to switch to BCB
  • Will take some time to learn technique
I do think McKinzy has some potential, but how much of it is difficult to say. He flashes some nice play making abilities, but I just don't see the pure arm strength or athleticism to make him a great player at the next level. I do think he stays at QB, though, as he may provide some things there and be able to step in when called upon. I think his best fit will be in a sort of heavy run based spread. Utilize some pistol and other heavier formations but not place him under center. Allow him to work off play action and fit the ball between levels, and then occasionally scramble to pick up extra yards.

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