Monday, August 19, 2013

Recruit Breakdown: Tyler Wiegers

Ceiling: 8             Ranking: 6               Floor: 3.75

School: Detroit Country Day (Franklin, MI)

Size: 6'3" - 200 lbs.

Composite: 3 Star, 0.8697#25 Pro #476 Overall

247: 3 Star, 83, #55 Pro

Rivals: 4 Star, 5.8, #7 Pro, #180 Overall

Scout: 3 Star, #35 QB

Favorites: Rutgers (Commit)
Others: Iowa, CMU, WMU

  • Gets the ball deep and is a great passer on throws 10+ yards (particularly post patterns)
  • Very comfortable throwing on the run, particularly moving right
  • Keeps his eyes down field and gets the ball into the hands of his play makers.

Can really push the ball deep by having good arm strength and a nice flight trajectory. Ball drops in pretty well and he allows for his WRs to make plays. Good throwing power on intermediate routes, gets good height and zip on his post and dig type routes, really steps in and fires it well. Stands tall in the pocket to see the field. When plays breakdown he understands his limitations as an athlete and continues to look down field and holds the ball in a position to still release the ball quickly to get it into the hands of his play makers. Maintains decent foot mechanics on the move, especially when moving right.


  • Needs to improve elbow snap to get more velocity and accuracy on shorter throws
  • Doesn't make many reads at this stage, partially because the superior athletes he's surrounded by
  • Not a great athlete, will be a pure pocket passer at the next level

Doesn't seem to naturally have great zip on the ball. Struggles to put the ball on a line and on the short quick throws. Closes down his release on short throws and tends to try to push the ball into windows rather than throwing it (he actually gets better as the route gets deeper, for instance, he's better at throwing a post than a slant). When he tries to put extra heat on the ball, the ball tends to come out wobbling, likely because he's over-gripping the ball. Whether it is the case or not, he does not show the ability to go through progressions in his reads. He often zeroes in on his targets and makes throws, usually to mostly open receivers, but sometimes throws that he shouldn't make. Not a great athlete, and may struggle to escape defenders that are college level athletes. Doesn't really threaten to run when he roles because of a lack of pure speed.


One thing that makes projecting Wiegers more difficult is the simple fact that it is obvious that the athletes he's throwing to are exceedingly better than the ones they are going up against. Many of his passes were to wide open receivers over the top. I had this question above in the form of making reads. Not many high school QBs make a ton of reads anyway, but it may be an even bigger jump for Wiegers, and reading defenses will probably be the most important thing for him seeing as he isn't a great threat to run.

He does have a good arm though. He has one of the better arms on throws 10+ yards down field for the incoming B1G QB class. Has a nice trajectory, touch, and velocity on his post passes, with enough air to get over the LB level and enough speed to get it to the receiver before safeties can collapse down. On throws over the top and he push the ball down field by getting more air under the ball. His throwing motion, which allows his release to follow the ball down the field, makes it so the ball doesn't hang as much, though this is an area he could improve with more elbow snap (this would help get more zip on his short passes more than anything else). As a QB, he's always looking to throw the ball and holds the ball ready at all times. He has good size to see the field and is already comfortable throwing on the move, particularly when rolling right to his dominant hand.

  • QB
  • Will take some time to learn to read defenses
  • Can fit really any offense, but is comfortable in a pro-system, utilizing play action to put the ball over the the top of defenses or on intermediate throws between the LB and safety depths.
Wiegers is a good QB that can do a lot of things well. I suspect it will take him a few years to really get comfortable reading defenses at the next level, as he won't be able to simply throw it up to his superior athletes. That being said, he has an arm that is very adept at taking advantage of defenses that attack the run. If he can be paired with a good running game to force LBs and Safeties to commit up in run support, he should be able to get the ball into the hands of his guys.

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