Sunday, August 11, 2013

Recruiting Breakdown: Alexander Diamont

Ceiling: 6.5               Ranking: 4.25              Floor: 2

School: Venice (Los Angeles, CA)

Size: 6'1" - 170 lbs.

Composite: 2 Star, 0.78#78 Pro

247: 2 Star, 78, #89 Pro

Rivals: 2 Star, 5.3

Scout: 2 Star

Favorites: Indiana (Commit)

  • Can put the ball on a rope
  • Gets good ball rotation to cut the ball through the air
  • Can escape the pocket and threaten defenses with legs

When set in the pocket, has a nice high release and tight arm snap, leading to good ball rotation, allowing the ball to cut through the air on deep passes. This allows him to fit the ball over the top at times to drop the ball over defenses. Has a fairly quick release so that he can threaten the short seam to TEs and slot WRs. Release and body rotation allows him to put the ball on a line and fight some tight passes when he's allowed to fully step into throws. Has good escapability, footwork allows him to escape initial pass rush. Can threaten to run when in the open field. While there likely won't be a lot of designed runs for him, can threaten defenses with his legs on scrambles and when defenses take poor pass rush angles.

  • Height and size
  • Over torques his body when throwing
  • Not great pure arm strength, especially when on the run or not able to step into throws

Size is going to be a weakness for Diamont, he's listed as tall as 6'2" but also as short as 6'. Seeing over his offensive line and defenses will be difficult, particularly over the middle of the field. The spread offense should help him a little in this regard, but it won't negate it all. Requires a lot of body torque to get distance and velocity on the ball, and on passes over the middle this leads to some lack of accuracy. This also makes it so he loses a lot of velocity and arm strength when he's on the move. Doesn't always fully step into throws. Struggles to attack the intermediate to deep sideline when throwing outs or hitches. When pressured or scrambling he tends to take his eyes off his receivers and focuses on the pass rush.


His size is going to be a primary concern. While he has pretty good legs, enough to be considered a dual-threat in my opinion, he isn't going to primarily threaten defenses with his legs. So combined with that and a lack of height, he'll struggle to hit receivers over the middle in the passing game and will also struggle to read defenses, though these will both be helped by the use of a spread system. He can get some velocity on the ball, and the good ball rotation allows the ball to zip through the air without a lot of unneccessary hanging or floating, but in order to get that he needs to be able to step into a clean pocket. His mechanics tend to breakdown when he doesn't have a clean pocket or when he's forced to move. His lack of arm strength and inconsistent footwork lead to some accuracy and ball placement issues.

  • QB
  • Fits best in a spread system
I'm obviously not very high on Diamont's abilities, but that's not to say he can't develop into a decent QB at the next level, he just has a long way to go. He fits best in a spread system that will equally use his arm and legs, that stays ahead of the chains and forces defenses to respect the run so that can't so simply collapse his pocket. If he can utilize WR screens and short passing concepts to the outside, he could be a QB that could help an offense move the ball. At the end of the day, I think Indiana has brought in better QBs in the past and likely will in the future, but as of now, this is a system that fits Diamont well and may allow him to move closer to his potential than he would in other systems.

Looking up google images of Alexander Diamont leads to some weird model picture, I believe of Alexander Diamont. Proceed with that warning in mind.

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