Saturday, September 14, 2013

B1G Blog Round-Up: 9/14/13

In these somewhat weekly round-ups I'll try to link all the technique/schematic articles from around the B1G. If you have others that you've seen over the course of the week, feel free to tweet, leave a comment, or e-mail me. I'd like this to be a single place to find all these sorts of things. Thanks!

FWIW: In the future I won't list teams I didn't find anything for, just listing this time so you know I'm checking all the teams plus future B1G and for whatever reason ND to an extent.

  • I know Indiana isn't much of a football school, but with their offense and their Head Coach - and their lack of defense - it's a shame they don't have much in depth discussion on it.
  • Illinois will hopefully get a look this week. Think lots of people are interested in what's happening there.
  • BHGP uses vine to look at both sides of the ball. I don't like using Vine here (I prefer youtube), but you get some things from it. OFFENSE and DEFENSE
  • Of interest for next year. Not seeing much here though. May need help to find stuff.
  • Maize n Brew goes over DT technique and why Michigan struggled to hold up against ND's power blocking scheme.* LINK
  • BDS looks at the Y-Stick concept, the Z-Snag concept, and how Michigan utilized it to score the game sealing TD.* LINK
  • MGoBlog discusses how ND originally shut down UM's Zone Stretch and then how Michigan countered. PART 1 and PART 2
Michigan State
  • The Only Colors looks at how strip sacks occur. LINK
  • A team I think a lot of people are interested in.
  • Corn Nation looks at the ways Nebraska has expanded on the inverted veer scheme.* LINK
  • Sippin' on Purple focuses on their pass rush technique here. LINK
Notre Dame
Ohio State
Penn State
  • Over at Black Shoes Diary they detail how PSU is struggling to convert on 3rd down. LINK
  • Not sure Purdue fans are too excited about schematic things and not sure Purdue has much technique at this point. DL is legit though, someone should look at them.
  • Nothing here.
  • Very surprised I didn't find anything quickly from Wisconsin. New coaching staff doing a lot of the same and some new. I'd be very interested in seeing some schematic breakdowns from them.
* Space Coyote Post

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