Monday, September 30, 2013

Inside the Playbook: Meshing the Zone Run with Simplified Pass Concept

This is a link to a preview that I did over the summer. After several teams ran quite a bit of the mesh concept to start the year, I figured it was a good time to link it here.

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Running the Mesh Concept
In short, the first inside receiver has an aiming point just in front of the MIKE's drop. He must cross in front of the MIKE so that the MIKE is not in a position to defend him and is also unable to reroute the underneath crossing route. The second crossing receiver will aim for the short side shoulder of the other crossing receiver, making sure he doesn't get rerouted by a LB.
The receivers will then continue across the formation working to gain distance horizontally, stretching the LBs, and looking for voids in zones for the QB to see. It's typically an easy read because... There will also usually be a flat receiver to stretch the defense horizontally.

92 Mesh Concept
The outside receivers will essentially run corner/fade routes, depending on the safety coverage and their splits. If the sense man, they'll break it off and run an out route. This concept stretches the defense horizontally and vertically.
Listen to an explanation here.
The reads, at least for Leach, are to read the corners and work back to the mesh and then finally to the flat. I believe that is the case here as well.

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Follow the link to Maize n Brew to read the entire preview on Penn State (which applies to other teams as well)


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