Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 3: Coaching Points Round-Up

Only got to watch a few games again last week. I'll post my thoughts.




  • Purdue looked like a better unit on offense, more rhythm in the pass game. Ran lots of crosses and routes from the backfield to take advantage of ND's struggle in underneath coverage.
  • QB stares down receivers too long. Needs to do a better job of controlling defense with his eyes.
  • DL may be one of the best in the B1G. Got pushed a few times against ND, but for the most part were disruptive.
  • LBs sent on a lot more blitzes. They struggle in coverage and struggle reading and reacting. This takes a lot of that out of their hands and just lets them play ball.
  • Can be exploited a bit on the edges of their defense.
  • Wisconsin's QB has been inconsistent on the move. His mechanics get much less consistent from there.
  • Wisconsin really attacking with corner routes. A lot of smash type concepts and taking advantage of the cover 2 look from ASU.
  • 3 man front has done relatively well against the spread attack. They still seem more like 4-3 linemen playing in the 3-man front though. Better at beating blockers than holding up and reacting. But they are improving and further along than I expected with their 3-man front gap control.
  • Idea on last play was good in theory, but I don't like running it. Too much not in your control when you do that. Just let your kicker kick the ball. The angle from that distance isn't changing much. Obviously hindsight is 20/20, but I think you make an extremely safe pass (likely just chucking it OOB) to use up some clock, and that's it. Don't even give the clock a chance to run.

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