Monday, September 23, 2013

Coaching Points: Week 4 Round-Up


Michigan State

Against a formation with three receivers on one side, you almost want your cover 3 to become cover 6. FS should slide 3 receiver side otherwise the deep third CB will be left in a bind, and that's what happened on SJSU's long TD pass. FS didn't help in seam.

I guess that's why Minn is running mostly cover 1 press man. Played cover 3 and got beat between two zones, neither defender covered a man.

The biggest area I'm disappointed with Minn is their DL. Thought they would be better there, but getting leveraged fairly easily.

Power O by Minnesota. Extra blocker with QB run. Good push by Minnesota; SJSU not doing a good job with leverage at point of attack. Minnesota blockers do a really good job so far of getting squaty at the legs and driving the DL.

TD that came from the slot WR. If you're pressing inside the hash (receiver lined up on hash, but you have inside help and man outside, so no outside help, so rule applies) never let the man escape outside that easy. When turning in press coverage, if playing outside release, you need to jab WR off balance and slide arm/shoulder in front of WR shoulder. WR can't run through your shoulder, knock off timing at release and after. Giving free release then trailing with only inside help = TD.

Some technique issues from Minnesota in their press. Need to do better job cutting off once WR commits and need to use arms better. Also, the above.

As I said, Minn pressing, daring SJSU to win over the top. They are doing a poor job turning off their press, not cutting off body. Easy TD

Minn is going to use jet sweep motion to threaten edge all year. RBs and QB both don't really threaten edge, lots of fakes and gives to WRs

Looked like the left side of the line screen released for Minn, but QB never took his eyes off pressure. Pressure must stay in peripheral. This is typical for a young/inexperienced QB though.

Another zone read from the pistol from Minn. FB passes on DE on an arch release, the DE puts himself in position to do nothing, FB gets key block to spring TD.

Minnesota with a nice Veer option look. Nice read of BSDE crashing down, QB pull, easy yards.

Ohio State
Not much to take from OSU. When I watched they were very vanilla on defense, almost all man-free coverage and aggressive on the outside.

Offense showed shovel pass again this week. That is a favorite of Meyer. He used it a bit last year but not as much as he'd have liked to. Interesting twist is they are running it mostly to RBs this year rather than TEs because they lack good athletes at TE. Lots of speed option looks with split backs. If QB rolls away from a single shotgun back though, you should always expect shovel pass. Happens probably more than half the time.

Purdue has some athletes at DB. Lack some technique, but they are athletic. Surprised Wisc isn't attacking LBs more.

Inside zone, just beat hat across hat. Purdue has a good disruptive DL. Will be interesting how Wisc gap blocks to slow them down. *This was early on. Wisconsin didn't end up needing to go to gap scheme to slow down Purdue much as I think their defense just got tired. I think Wisconsin will need to do a bit more gap scheme against better teams and Purdue needs their LBs to help out the DL.

Borland puts his body in perfect position to break on out or wall off Purdue receiver from getting back inside. Almost got an INT. Looks good in pass coverage.

That route isn't changed because QB struggling. Purdue playing off man, that changes route into an out as CB can cover corner.

Stave had a few misreads of coverage. At one point he had to read man. Needs to do better with eyes to look at coverage not TE. He knows TE's route, shouldn't have to stare it down.

That PA play has been in Wisc's playbook forever. Make it look like post-drag, bring drag back to sideline. Great 2-man route concept off PA (this will be discussed fuller at Bucky's 5th Quarter this week).

Purdue sniffs out Power O run. Two defenders get to White, White shows great footwork and uses hand to push tacklers past. WOW. White is alright FWIW.

Great swim move by Wisconsin. Was able to get the Purdue OL to reach on his block, Wisc DL got into his outside half, got his hands over top and beat him to the QB

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