Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Coaching Points: B1G Roundup

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Michigan State
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  • OTs doing a good job keeping very clean pocket. WRs need to help T-Mart out on that scramble. Work needed on scramble drill
  • TE should flatten out that route to give T-Mart easier pass and an easier catch for himself. Post snap route adjustments need to be improved; defender in the seam, you square in your seam route to put yourself in open grass
  • DBs aggressive. Earned black shirts. Like how physical they play. May have to play more zone to involve in run support.
  • UNL DTs still problem in this D. DBs doing job. Can't be successful with poor DT play. Pushed into LBs on run. No push on pass
  • Starting to run more BCB blitz, used slant line to try to stop run, fill gaps, and get some pressure. QB can step into pocket because no interior push. DTs need to be more aggressive at snap. Passively 2-gapping is getting them pushed.
  • TE didn't seal well on a play, but continued to drive defender and didn't let him shed. Effort beat skill and resulted in big gain.


  • Lot's of Diamond formation with Siemian. Can't say I'm a fan. Give him formation where he can threaten D with his arm more. Can't threaten seams or crossing patterns with the depth and lack of width from the wings. More of a run and PA formation. Would like to see them use more rub routes and zone overloads to utilize Siemian's arm.
  • Would usually complain about the WR here. He didn't get good separation from the sideline, defender can easily use the sideline as an extra defender. Good think Siemian is a super G at QB and can still hit the pass for a TD. But WR can still help him.

Ohio State
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  • I think the front 4 is solid here. Don't get pushed around much, hold up well at the point of attack.
  • LBs killing Purdue. Do not read, react, and fill well at all. Easily get blockers out on them and sealed, giving big running lanes for ball carriers. Also struggling in coverage.
  • DBs have some athletic ability, can move well. Need to work on technique. Work in progress. They have potential though, just need practice.
  • Offense is still very raw and uncomfortable. Need a lot of work. They have some units on defense. Have some potential in places. May be a longer than wanted rebuild, but it's necessary I think.


  • Wisconsin still mixing in a lot of inside zone. Utilizing Power O more than they have in the past. Really messes with defensive keys, down blocks look an awful lot like inside zone reaches initially, but the play is to the opposite side. Guards doing a really good job pulling so far.
  • 3 man front holding up better than expected. UMass warning applies. Still, against spread teams it looks like they will be able to utilize it well. Still in wait and see about power formations with FBs, but down the line it should help against multi-TE sets as well.

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