Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Welcome to Breakdown Sports!

So...I've going for it. I've decided to start my own blog. In many Michigan circles, I'm known as Space Coyote, but I've been around the block with a few other monikers as well. With this first post I want to detail what this is going to be all about.

This is not just a Michigan football blog. To start, I hope to focus primarily on the Big Ten. Yes, much of my initial focus will be on Michigan, as many of my initial readers will be from that circle, but eventually I want to be able to attract fans of different teams because a lot of this information pertains to them as well. I hope that doesn't alienate readers, as I want to be as unbiased as I can. I want to give an objective, thorough look at football, from a coaches point-of-view, so that other fans see what I do when I watch college football.

The goal is to look more in-depth than other sources you will find. In the past, I've worked for several bloggers to do in-depth game breakdowns. I want to look at plays, concepts, ideas, techniques, and all the nitty-gritty that you don't get elsewhere. I also want to develop a cleaner, more informative method of looking at recruits that get into details that you don't get for free from the recruiting sites. The current star rating structure is weak, and doesn't take into account many aspects of recruiting. I want to give fans a more realistic view on recruits and recruiting and how recruits fit. I want to bridge the gap between the moderate fan and the fanatic and the coaching perspective.

Hopefully this works out. I'll also be posting links to the other sites I still plan on contributing to. Many of the first posts will just be detailing my upcoming plans. So please, if you enjoy the site and the idea, tell your friends, tell other fans, leave comments, and hopefully we can work together to not only discuss football, but teach football, and make the B1G more knowledgeable than any other group of fanbases.