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  1. What, no Chinatown or Princess Bride?

    1. Chinatown is on my rewatch list. I liked it the first time I watched it, but it was one of the first noir films I watched, and one of the first films I watched when I started watching movies that weren't newer. I have it on my DVR now, wouldn't be surprised if it made this list.

      I like Princess Bride quite a bit. It's a really good movie. But it isn't in my top group as of right now.

    2. Also, may I suggest some Steve McQueen movies: Papillon,The Magnificent Seven, Bullitt

    3. I've got some McQueen up there. Great actor. The Great Escape and Bullitt are both up there. I really thought I'd have like Papillon more because I like Hoffman a lot too -- I liked it, just not enough to be on the list. The Magnificent Seven was better when it was The Seven Samurai IMO.

  2. Thanks for answering my posts. My top five movies are: Papillon, Chinatown, In the Heat of the Night, The Princess Bride and Groundhog. I enjoy your football analysis as well. (Michigan alum, 1975)


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