Football Fundamentals - Defense

The goal of the Football Fundamentals series is to develop a sort of database for fundamental football concepts. This can be utilized as a reference, a learning tool, or a means of teaching. In this way, I hope to document fundamental football concepts, techniques, and plays so that fans and coaches can both see the high-level and detailed view of the game of football.

This will be a constant work in progress. If some things aren't linked, it's likely because it hasn't been completed yet but is planned to be in the future. I'm working on organizing it into several categories so that there are several ways to naturally flow to the desired material.

Gap Discipline - Understanding the offensive gaps for formations, pulling OL, and lead backs
Tackling - Form Tackling and Rugby Tackling Technique
Taking on Pullers/Trap - Anchor and Wrong Arm Technique

Blitz Package

Defensive Line

4-3 Over (TBC)
4-3 Under (TBC)
One-Gap 3-4
Two-Gap 3-4 (TBC)
3-3-5 (TBC)
Tite Front
Nickel/Dime (TBC)
3-3-5 Nickel (TBC)
4-2-5 (TBC)

Defending Specific Plays/Formations

Special Teams
Punt Return (TBC)
FG Defense (TBC)
Kick Return (TBC)

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