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Inside the Playbook - Transitioning from a 4-3 Under to a 4-3 Over

PREVIEW Much of the talk about Michigan football last year was on the offensive struggles, but the change from Borges to Nussmeier isn't the only change happening in the Michigan program this offseason. The defense, dissatisfied with their inconsistent performance last year, is also switching base fronts from a 4-3 Under to a 4-3 Over. In this post we'll look at what this change amounts to, both in terms of scheme and player deployment. What this isn't Let's start with what this isn't: it's not a panic move. This isn't switching an offense from a 21 personnel I-form to a shotgun spread. This is a tweak. Many of the fundamentals from last year's defense carry over and Michigan ran some Over front last year. While there will certainly be differences - which is the point of this article - this isn't a complete overhaul that negates many of the positives that the players have learned through the experience they are finally starting to show on the de