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Inside the Playbook - Goal Line Passing, Stack Formation, and the Triangle Concept

Stack and bunch formations combined with triangle concepts can provide quick and easy reads within the conjestion of red zone offense. In this article, we look at numerous ways an offense can use these concepts in the pass game to pick up the final yards to put the ball into the end zone. Outside of the QB draw, inverted veer, zone read, or other backside plays (throw backs included), let's look at some other concepts that Michigan has run from bunch/stack formations near the goal line while utilizing a triangle concept. Triangle Concept Go to any football website, and most likely you'll find something about the triangle passing concept . Chris Brown (Smart Football) describes the concept very well (though, when he gets into specifics, he discusses a different play that utilizes the triangle scheme). The insight behind the triangle is that the horizontal and the vertical stretch are combined to create a single straightforward read for the quarterback that provides answ