Written in Chalk: Introduction

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"Written in Chalk", get it? Like Written in Stone" or "Written in Blood" but chalk because chalk boards. Also a 'Buddy and Julie Miller' album, who I never heard of before but here's a plug. In reality it should probably be "Written in Dry Erase Marker or: Accidentally Written in Permanent Marker on a Dry Erase Board because Someone Put it Here and Now Look, I Can't Erase It, Damnit", but that wasn't as catchy.

Anyway, the idea here is absolutely to be speculative. Yes, I'm going to try to ground this series in logic. No, it's not always going to be logical. That's how great ideas are made. "Written in Chalk" was always one of my favorite parts of coaching that wasn't the actual act of coaching. It was collaborating with the staff, it was drawing some things on the board and constantly asking "what if?" And once you did that someone else asked, "and what if we do this?" And sure enough, someone would say "or what about this?" and you'd either erase the previous thing or draw up this new thing adjacent because it was it's own idea. And this brainstorming activity takes you in all these interesting and far-out directions, but sometimes what comes out of it is pretty awesome.

At times this series will relate to something I see from B1G schools. At times it will be something of my own creation. At times I will think it's something along those lines but it's actually something that's already been done. But either way, the idea is to allow a concept to grow, from a play to a package to potentially a core.

Now let's get a few QBs on the field, shall we


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