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Inside the Playbook: Why Run to the Short Side of the Field

 It’s a question regularly asked, “ Why is my favorite team constantly running to the short side of the field ?” People really do not enjoy jet sweep to the short side . In almost every sport you are taught the concept of using the sideline as an extra defender, and in football it is no different. And in the current era of football, the idea of space is emphasized as much as it has ever been: you have extra wide WR splits, you have light personnel groupings, stretch the field not just horizontally but laterally. So then why does it always feel like the runs aren’t utilizing that space? Space is a fundamental source of success in modern football, but it is not only the offense that controls space and how it can be used; defense also plays a role. Space is also only a single fundamental facet, others include leverage and numbers. And when you take all those traits into account, that will explain why runs into the boundary are run as often as they are. Let’s take a look

Film Review: Ohio State vs Penn State, 2020

 I took a look at Ohio State vs Penn State, specifically focusing on the Buckeyes under center and pistol run game, their pre-snap motion, and the Nittany Lions QB Run Game ⚡️ “2020 Ohio State vs Penn State” — Space Coyote (@SpaceCoyoteBDS) November 16, 2020 Follow the tweet to look at the full twitter moment, which highlights around a few dozen plays. 

Film Review: Michigan Offense vs Michigan State Defense

 Michigan squared off against the Spartans as a clear favorite, led by their powerful run game that consistently maintained RPO and edge threats to stress defensive keys and numbers. But on Saturday, Michigan State mostly shut down that run game. In this post, we're going to look at what the Spartans did to stymie the run game, and where Michigan failed to capitalize.  Michigan Photography