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Let's Speak Technique - Club Block

Along the offensive line, it is important to have various techniques and calls that can optimize player strengths, match ups, and angles, and give the opponent different looks. A "Club Block" is a backside combination block in which the backside end man on the LOS (EMOL) will work immediately to the second level, and the blocker inside of him will work out to the end. Club Block 2014 49ers Playbook In our case, we'll use it as an exchange block between the Back Side Guard (BSG) and Back Side Tackle (BST) as well as between a Back Side TE (BSTE) and BST, with the caveat that it is always the EMOL that is releasing directly to the 2nd level.

Film Review: Ohio State at Michigan, 2021 - Part 2

  I breakdown interesting plays - schematically, technically, and from and execution standpoint - from the 2021 Ohio State at Michigan football game. Just the film this week, but as always, you can find links to previous films reviews for overall summaries of each team provided the tags for each post. Each team has a tag. Other Michigan Reviews:  LINK Other Ohio State Reviews:  LINK All Film Reviews:  LINK All 2021 Season:  LINK First play of the second half OSU vs UM. OSU goes rare IZ from pistol. UM shows two high but rotates to C3 Buzz. Decent gain — Space Coyote (@SpaceCoyoteBDS) May 10, 2022

Inside the Playbook - Michigan State Insert Zone Play Action, Sail Concept from 2x2

 An interesting twist on a fairly simple sail concept from Michigan State. Let's take a look.

Inside the Playbook - Michigan State 3x1 Counter OT vs 2-High Coverage

Against Northwestern's primarily two-high defense, Michigan State found a wrinkle that was effective for their run scheme out of a 3x1 formations (three receivers to one side of the formation, one receiver to the other side). Primarily a zone team, MSU attacked the Wildcats with a mix of Zone Windback and Counter OT . Let's take a quick look at their use of Counter.

Film Review: Michigan vs Georgia, CFP Semi-Final, 2021 Season - Part 2

 I breakdown interesting plays - schematically, technically, and from and execution standpoint - from the 2021 Michigan vs Georgia CFP semi-final game. Part I: HERE Stretch from Michigan. Anticipated this after the SECCG. From a technical standpoint, it’s actually pretty well blocked. But the C gets held up by the NT and senses a LB run through, which causes a miscommunication between C and LG — Space Coyote (@SpaceCoyoteBDS) January 25, 2022