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Film Review: Penn State vs Auburn, 1st Half, 2022

 Film review of the first half of PSU vs Auburn, 2022 First play PSU-Auburn. Duo. Best run blocked play from PSU in half a decade — Space Coyote (@SpaceCoyoteBDS) September 26, 2022

Film Review: Michigan State D vs Washington O, First Two Drives, 2022

 Film review of the two first defensive drives for Michigan State vs Washington in 2022. First play MSU-Washington. DT saves the day here — Space Coyote (@SpaceCoyoteBDS) September 23, 2022

Film Review: Notre Dame vs Ohio State, 2022

Film review from the 2022 game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Ohio State Buckeyes. First play OSU-ND CB blitz first play of the season!? Ballsy. Who I actually want to focus on is the DE here though — Space Coyote (@SpaceCoyoteBDS) September 7, 2022

Film Review: Nebraska Offense vs Northwestern Defense, 2022 - First Half

 Film review from the 1st half of Nebraska Offense vs Northwestern Defense 2022 First play of B1G 2022 Nice start for Nebraska. Little IZ + Bubble RPO. Quick simple read. Get the ball out and go — Space Coyote (@SpaceCoyoteBDS) September 2, 2022

Jim Knowles - Coaching Primer - Part 1

 I've put together some tweets, but didn't get as in-depth as I originally wanted to. That said, I believe I have enough for at least an initial primer of the Jim Knowles defense. Jim Knowles has a pretty diverse background, starting as a primarily 4-3 coach, growing into a 4-2-5 coach at Duke, and finally transitioning to the 3-high safety coach at Oklahoma State which he is known for today. Still, he didn't lose all the tricks in the bag that he developed over the years, so let's take a look.

Inside the Playbook - Michigan's Counter Game - Part 3: Execution and Technique

 We've now had an opportunity to look at the general scheme and various run tags Michigan deploys , as well as how they can modify things post-snap . But as any football coach will tell you, all the scheme in the world can't make up for poor execution. Michigan, in their run game, was a well oiled machine. It was clear on film that they were well coached and I want to take a look at some of that now.