A Coach's POV - Michigan vs PSU - 2Q Play-by-Play

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Michigan Drive 6 - 14:32 2nd 10-7

Play 1 - 1st and 10 - Michigan runs a 2 TE play action with 2 WRs to the top. PSU counters with 8 in the box, meaning one of the receivers to the top of the screen will get single coverage. They are in max protect, which means only 2 receivers are in routes. Bryant kind of watches a guy run around him when Fitz is expecting help, as he should. Because of that, Fitz is out of position to make the block, kind of reaches at the defender and misses, and he comes in a hits DG from the blind side. FWIW, DG is also very late in his read, or more accurately, doesn't trust his read as he turns. He should be able to turn, see coverage deep, and Gallon wide open on his snag route. But he sees him, then looks off of him again, and by the time he gets back to him he's close to the sideline and the pass is quite difficult to make. Gallon still catches it and does a nice job trying to make a play in space, but it turns out to be a loss.

Play 2 - 2nd and 12 - Pistol veer option. DG doesn't make the read this time, and Fitz is forced to try to pick his way in space across the formation. A free blocker gets through because Bryant never releases from his combo to the second level LB despite the fact that only he can make a play on him here with the LB charging down. This means there is a free hitter in the backfield and Fitz takes what he can get. This is 8 blockers on 8 defenders plus a read option. This should be easy yards, you not only have blockers for every defender, you have an extra blocker. The idea here is to get back to manageable after the first down shot. They should, and didn't.

Play 3 - 3rd and 11 - Glasgow pretty clearly doesn't make the correct block and passes on the NT to no one. Michigan has 3 blockers on the bottom for 3 defenders (not counting the center), and 2 above the center for 3 blockers. Glasgow should pick up the most dangerous defender where PSU has numbers. Fitz will pick up B-gap on the side he's lined up on. So a relatively easy pass pro is busted. Then Gardner makes magic and gets a first down.

Play 4 - 1st and 10 - Tackle over Power from Michigan. PSU has 7.5 in the box, but backside isn't making a play here on the front side. Michigan has 7 blockers. They are in good shape with 7 blockers for 7 defenders. PSU does a nice job beating the puller to the hole, and because of that Green is able to hit an open hole for a decent first down gain and that half box player is able to make a play down the field after a 3 or 4 yard gain.

Play 5 - 2nd and 7 - Pistol look. Michigan has 2 wide and 2 TE mirrored. PSU walks down and 8th defender into the box and Michigan runs play action out of the stacked look. Green runs the wrong direction, so the LB doesn't have to hold up before his drop and he undercuts the route. Gardner never sees the underneath defender, which he probably should, but that defender shouldn't be able to make a play if Green runs to the correct side of the formation. This is why it's risky to play freshman.

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