Week 6: Coaching Points Round Up


  • Lots of people will complain about that Iowa playcall (deep pass on 3rd and short), but you won't run into the mouth of an 8 man MSU front. Even w/ INC it makes MSU respect pass in future
  • Iowa LBs doing a good job meeting MSU's pulling OL in the hole. MSU needs to do better taking LBs out with their momentum
  • The lead blocker on that roll needs to peak inside earlier. As soon as you find no one up-field, you become lead blocker playing inside/out. Blocked air for too long and forced QB to throw it away.
  • Iowa CB too high on that tackle. Wrap and drive the player OOB if you don't want to tackle, but never go high there. (On MSU 3rd down conversion on catch short of the sticks)
  • Iowa has been very disruptive with DL, preventing MSU from getting to LBs, and LBs on meeting blockers on inside runs, MSU trying to get outside now but not getting into Iowa defenders well.
  • That's the area to attack MSU's cover 4. Short/intermediate out. That's a realyl tough pass to complete though. But it starts to open up curl/hook zone just by throwing it.
  • Nice job by Iowa's DB staying on upfield hip of receiver when in deep coverage.
  • Dip route by Iowa's slot receiver. Holds LB inside and makes him respect sitting in hook zone, this is what I talked about earlier
  • Iowa QB throws to the wrong guy. You see a cross coming open underneath, that's a 1 to 2 progression in same throwing lane. Still got TD tho
  • OLB passed crossing route onto MIKE. Miscommunication there by Iowa in their cover 2 I think. That was discussion post-play btw LBs
  • Great throw by Rudock. Good rotation and got the ball out tehre quick. Nice job stepping into throw.
  • Same fake punt MSU ran against UM last year for first down. Iowa needs to keep a guy to SL up to prevent that, that's film room work there.
  • All about LB drop and LB eyes taking him to ball. MSU WR switched seem to hook with retreat DB. LB had good drop though.
  • Iowa forced to complete a lot of tough, short passes in the middle. Rudock looks solid on his underneath throws. But probably too little too late.


Michigan State

  • But good job by Minn reading play hole and diagnosing play to cut underneath for tackle (on third and 1 stop on Michigan draw play)
  • At some point they need to attack deep on fade. Minnesota runs lots of cover 1 press man. Will give outside release. Loosen up defense
  • On mid FL screen, Minn DL blew up the play. Released DL did great job getting hands in air. NT didn't fight inside slowing cross as well
  • Good patience from Minn RB on that 1st down play though, knowing he will likely have bounce with 8th man being safety outside leverage
  • Mich needs to continue to hit Minn QB square a keep feet pumping. Guy churns feet well on contact and OL help him out by continuing blocks
  • Minn is picking on Wilson (Michigan Safety) who is struggling in run fill/man coverage responsibilities. Eyes in back field, lost TE on 3rd down play
  • Num 3 for Minn has done a great job in run fills. Limited a few runs that would have been big gains if he doesn't make a stick
  • Minn went cover 3 on last 3rd down conv. Right play call there as it tests flat def inside/out. Surprised w/ call against mostly man team
  • Minn has some mismatch players. Some good TEs, and with a power running QB, that allows them to churn out yards. But, as with many young QBs, outside of the TE fade they bog down in RZ when they can't do more against stacked boxes.
  • Slugo burned Countess there. Committed hips to slant and struggled in reverse pivot to get into WR's body. If can't reverse just turn & run. QB threw it late
  • Northwestern attacked Miller there making him leave the ball in belly longer. Forced fumble
  • Not a fan of bubble to the boundary by Northwestern there. OSU's D too fast at LB position to get much more out of it
  • Big block by the TE getting a cut on OLB. Sprung that play. NU doesn't use TEs a ton in passing game, but they do well in the run game to help out.
  • OL needs to do a better job of not allowing DL to get into body. Allowing DL to control them in several aspects today, both in run and pass games.
  • Nice pass and almost catch. Northwestern CB has good initial position, needs to squeeze down on WR to put body between WR and ball though. When he got behind, CB went into trail position. The fact that he tipped the pass is what made that incomplete. Made up for a mistake
  • NU blitzing B gap to try to take away inside zone run from Hyde. Hyde still finding some success though. Miller keep could spring one tho. Taking more risks to stop run game in 2nd half
  • Get in rush lane and squeeze pocket around Miller. That's how you force him to read and stop him from scrambling. Nice job by Northwestern keeping Miller in the pocket and making him uncomfortable.
  • Key there is that NU WR never forced Grant to respect route going by him. Grant able to stay square and take eyes inside to find ball. (On OSU INT in flat). Need to force press corners to turn or drop off. If you don't they will beat WR to any outside pass.
  • Siemian is an underrated runner. It wasn't threat to run there, but run to extend play inside the pocket. Nice presence. Climb within the pocket and break lateral along LOS. Treaten run and keep pass alive. Even with 8 in coverage it's difficult to stop.
  • That hole was set up by NU's formation. DE had outside leverage, nearest LB was over center. No way he can fill that gap from his position. Ask DT to slant into B gap or LB to flow 2 gaps over. Just not putting either player in position to stop that play against zone blocking. Perhaps taking risks, more likely someone lined up wrong (on big OSU 3rd down pick up or TD run from RZ late)
Ohio State


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