A Coach's POV - Michigan vs PSU - 3Q Play-by-Play

Link to 1st Quarter and 2nd Quarter

PSU Drive 10 - 15:00 3rd 10-21

Play 1 - 1st and 10 - Black is very quick to get penetration, gets a little too deep but realizes it and really squeezes the play. Ross, in the process of wrapping up (this is why you wrap up) rakes down right on the football and it kicks to Clark, who returns it for a TD.

PSU Drive 11 - 14:44 3rd 17-21
Play 1 - 1st and 10 - PSU in a mirrored solo set and Michigan in a 4-3 Under with Clark standing up on the near side. Michigan runs a double A gap twist with their LBs, Heck scrambles and throws right at Clark, who almost makes an eerily similar INT as Zettel did on his zone blitz drop. This is a great job by Clark, who had originally started chasing the QB, seeing that someone was leaking behind him and regaining depth to get underneath the route and break it up.

This play is a nice way of getting 7 guys in pretty much every gap and making the zone blocks difficult for the OL. The drops from SAM and WDE still allow these players to hold the edge.

Play 2 - 2nd and 10 - PSU goes 4 wide. Ross undercuts the OT as soon as he releases and the DT does a nice job getting his outside arm free. This means that both sides are closed for the RB to run through. Ross does a good job of riding so support can clean up.

Play 3 - 3rd and 8 - PSU 4 wide again, stacking receivers to the field and wing and on receiver to field. It's interesting that both Michigan and PSU have run this formation multiple times. Everyone standing up for Michigan as they go into their Okie package. They bring 4 and Ross is delayed as he's checking the RB first. The OT and OG just completely miscommunicate the coverage and Black says thank you very much, splits them, and applies quick pressure to force a quick throw and incomplete pass.

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