Preview: Ohio State vs Wisconsin, 2014 B1G Championship Game

Ohio State

AP Photo/Jay LaPrete

Meshing Single Wing Concepts in Run Game

Veer and Belly Series

Ohio State's 2-Back Offense

Inside the Playbook: 7-Ins

Inside the Playbook: Sail Concepts

Inside the Playbook: Speed Option Package

Fundamentals of Cover 4 Defense

Cover 4 Safety Play

Attacking OSU's Defensive Weaknesses

Coaching Points
Ohio State vs Michigan State

Ohio State vs Maryland

Ohio State vs Virginia Tech

2013 B1G Title Preview

Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images
Base Run Offense

Two RB Offense (Jet Sweep)

Power O Football Links

Play Action from Heavy Personnel

Adjusting Routes to Coverage

Utilization of an H-back

Utilizing H-back to pass


Wisconsin's One-Gap 3-4 Defense

Wisconsin's 3-4 D vs 12 Personnel

Wisconsin Blitz Package

Wisconsin's Base Cover 1 Defense

Cover 1 Adjustments

Cover 4 Defense

Adjusting to Offense Attacking Backside

Coaching Points
Wisconsin vs Rutgers

Wisconsin D vs Northwestern and Illinois

Wisconsin vs Nebraska


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