Film Review: Auburn vs Penn State, 2021

I break down interesting plays - schematically, technically, and from an execution standpoint - from the 2021 Auburn at Penn State football game.

PSU Positives: 

  • Whole defense is physical, but the DL specifically has a great combination of physicality and athleticism.
  • Defense is multiple in their looks, and while that can create some issues being gap sound, for the most part they are consistent.
  • Left side of the offensive line is good, and can be run behind. Have a few standouts at the skill positions with the ball in their hands
  • QB made plays. OC did a good job simplifying looks and allowing him to gain confidence, but QB was able to make plays outside the scheme in this game

PSU Negatives:
  • The right side of the OL can cause some issues for them
  • Focus vs Auburn was on the run, but several windows did appear in the defensive backfield in the passing game










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