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Inside the Playbook: Different Ways of Blocking Jet Sweep

 Jet sweep is one of the core concepts teams use to attack the edge with speed. It's relatively cheap to install, serves as a great constraint for your primary run game, and serves as a great tool to diagnose defensive coverage/rotation as well as trigger down safeties to support the vertical play action pass. But not all teams run it the same, and teams that lean on it more tend to treat the blocking of it a bit different. This post is going to examine some of the ways you see jet sweep blocked. Don't Block the 3-Technique The way I was always taught Jet Sweep was as simple as: Backside to the 3-tech, block the run fake Outside the 3-tech, arc to the 2nd level (seal) or alley, depending on defensive numbers This is a great way of selling the run fake to the backside of the sweep, while gaining back blocking numbers by not blocking the 3-Tech, who will struggle to quickly redirect (either vertically or horizontally) to be able to make a play on the ball carrier. Having it be th