Film Review: Ohio State at Michigan, 2021 - Part 1

I breakdown interesting plays - schematically, technically, and from and execution standpoint - from the 2021 Ohio State at Michigan football game.

Just the film this week, but as always, you can find links to previous films reviews for overall summaries of each team provided the tags for each post. Each team has a tag.

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  1. Wow; I had no idea you've been breaking down so much film in 2021.
    I found your blog a few years ago and your fundamental series taught me a LOT about run plays, besides the Power, Counter, Inside + Outside Zone 4 plays that make up 90% of all runs on Sundays.
    Luckily, I haven't seen any CFB games from 2021; I dig into the college season every year in February. Sep-Dec I download and archive a whole bunch of close interesting games, forget the outcomes, and enjoy spoiler free. Helps to also know the draft prospects firsthand rewinding plays.

  2. While I know passing is king, I just love runs and always will. GT Counter is my favorite play, just 600 lbs of Guard and Tackle lead blocking.
    NCAA was still a running league early to mid 2010s when passing efficiency was taking over the pros, and the best offenses only gained 17-1800 rushing yards a season or less. Ohio State 2014 Smashmouth Spread. Alabama's under center offenses.
    But then the natties kept being won in succession by QB centric offenses: Deshaun Watson, Tua, Trevor Lawrence, Joe Burrow, Mac Jones.
    AND the irony, that Lamar Jackson Ravens in the NFL are holding the banner for smashmouth spread option. There aren't any real top contenders in NCAA running it. No Urban Meyer Ohio State, No more Kelly/Hefrich Oregon, no more Malzahn Auburn, nobody is read optioning as base run.


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