Quick Hit Film Review - Michigan Sequencing Short Motion Counter RPO

 Michigan only ran Counter to the wide side of the field approximately 25% of the time. But against Nebraska and their 2-high heavy, sky force favored defense, Michigan decided to aim their attack to the field more often than usual. This led to some sequencing in their Counter/RPO scheme.

Counter + Short Motion

In running Counter to the field, Michigan would bring the outside WR in short motion into the formation, giving him a better path to the safety and force the CB into run support.

Notice how hard the safety tries to buzz down, and how delayed the CB is in their coverage scheme to commit to the run. This allows Michigan to maintain a numbers advantage at the point of attack and force secondary run defenders to clean up.

They did this twice, though the second time Nebraska had on a unique coverage call.

By the time Michigan got to the red zone later in the game, though, they had a feel for how Nebraska pressed run fits down inside the 20. The safety buzzes down quick based on the TE's down block. The CB, seeing the WR start to execute a push-crack, bails on his coverage to help set support the run to the field. This provides the WR leverage on the CB to run to the goal post.

The ball is a little late and the placement behind, and the CB makes a really nice recovery to rip up through the WRs hands, but this should be a TD.


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