Nomenclature - A

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AFourth or fifth receiver, blocking back lined up behind guard
A FormationA variation of the single-wing formation with the QB aligned deeper and the backfield strength flipped
A gapGap between the center and guard
A-11 OffenseAn offensive formation at some levels of amateur football which takes advantage of rules intended for punt formations and illegal men downfield. Mostly illegal at most levels of football now
AceBalanced, single back formation with 2 TEs and 2 Flankers
ActPlay Action pass where the QB drops straight back
ActionInitial play designed to look like another play to draw the defense to over-react to a different playcall; play action or run action draws the defense to a run play; screen action draws the defense to a screen
Against the GrainA cut back away from the initial flow of the defense or the football
Aiming PointReference point on the LOS toward which an offensive player will run from his pre-snap position
AirA vacant area of the football field. Not going against the opposing unit
Air CoryellAn offensive scheme developed by Don Coryell that relies heavily on the vertical passing game
Alert RouteA route that is not a normal part of a progression, but is thrown in the event that a defense provides a specific look, i.e. a deep post route given no defender in the middle of the field when the normal progression is opposite.
AlleyRunning lane between the contain defender and force defender
Alligator ArmsNot reaching out far with your arms in front of you; commonly associated with receivers going over the middle that are afraid of getting hit
All-Purpose YardsAll yards a player is reponsible for, including run, pass, and receiving
AnchorWhen a defender gets outside a blocker, keeping his outside arm free, and prevents the blocker from pushing him farther outside
AngleA DL stunt in which the DL moves one gap to the weak side post-snap
Arc BlockRB looping around the EMOL and blocking a DL or a LB, sealing them inside; arc refers to the shape of the path the RB takes to achieve the block
Area BlockingWhen the offensive line blocks an area rather than a man. Typically associated with pass protection or kick returns
ArrowOutward Pass route along a path 30 degrees from the LOS
ArrowPentration into the A-gap based on read of the Center. AKA Spike
AudibleA change to the play made by the QB at the LOS rather than in a huddle; called in order to get into a play to take advantage of a weakness in a defense or to get out of a play that is ill-suited for the defensive alignment

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