Nomenclature - B

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B BlockA RB block in which he blocks the defensive EMOL from inside-out
B gapGap between the guard and tackle
Back DoorDefensive line technique where you run through and slip a block
Back JudgeA referee
Back NumbersA numbering system for ball carriers, typically one through five; typically 1 = QB, 2 = TB, 3 = FB, 4/5 = Wing/Receiver/Offset Third RB
Back ShoulderShoulder, when square to the ball, is opposite the player's direction of motion; typically a ball thrown away from a defender covering him
Back SideThe side of the center away from the where the initial action, ball carrier, or progression begins
BackerLinebacker becomes the primary support/leverage defender ont eh outside
Backer ForceWhen a LB is responsible for maintaining "force" or outside leverage
BackfieldArea behind the LOS, offensive backfield consists of the RBs, defensive backfield consists of the DBs
BackpedalPedaling backward to maintain eye contact with receiver/QB while keeping cushion.
Back-Shoulder FadeSimilar to a fade route, but the QB throws the ball toward the receiver's back shoulder, causing him to stop and the coverage defender to over run the route
BacksideThe side of the center away from the initial action
BailMovement in which the defender acts as if he will jam the receiver, and then quickly drops off into coverage before the snap
BailDefensive back aligning tight and then quickly dropping back before the snap
Banana SupportPlay by safety verifying the run gap of the CB. If the CB is inside the WR, then the safety has run support outside the WR. If the CB is outside the WR, then the safety has alley support responsibility
BanditOften a "robber" defender coming from the second level rather than the third level of the defense. Because of this tendency, it can also denote a defender that is a LB/Safety hybrid
BalanceAbility to maintain center of gravity over feet so that you don't fall down
Balanced LineAn offensive line with an OG and OT on both sides of the center
BanjoPass Coverage technique, route matching concept, typically for two defenders using inside/outside coverage on two receivers
Base BlockOL Block where defender is blocked away from point of attack
Base DefenseDefensive Alignment used most frequently by a team
BCBBoundary Cornerback
Bear DefenseBear defense, named after Doug Plank who wore #46
BellyRun play, typically a quick hitting inside dive
Bench RouteA short, quick, outward breaking route parallel to the LOS
Bend-Don't-Break DefenseA defensive philosophy in which everything is kept in front and forces an offense to consistently execute rather than work down the field in big chunks
Big-on-BigOffensive line blocking concept where the offensive line matches up with the defensive line
Bill BlockAnother term for a "Hook block" for a RB, in which a RB is responsible for sealing the defensive EMOL inside the formation, typicall with an OL pulling outside of him.
BIM BlockCut block the playside DE or work to the 2nd level ILB if the DE doesn't flash (or is blocked)
Bird DoggingQB's eye locked onto his primary receiver
BisectReceiver gets between two zones or defender gets between two receivers
Blind SideQB's non-throwing arm side
BlitzExtra defender (LB, DB) brought in to rush the QB or quickly get penetration into the backfield
BlockThe act of preventing a defender from getting to the ball carrier
BlockBlocking a kick by a defender, either a field goal or a punt
Block TacklePoor tackling technique, not wrapping up
BluffTo align in such a way pre-snap to give an indication that you are going to react in a certain way (i.e. bluff coverage or bluff blitz)
Bluff BlockWorking initially to the playside defensive EMOL and prior to contact, moving around him and performing an arc block the the next level of the defense
BOBBig on Big
BombDeep Pass
BootShort for bootleg
BootlegPlay Action pass where the QB rolls out away from run action. Think: bootlegger sneaking away
BOSS BlockStalk block of the first DB coming out of the secondary to threaten the primary play
BounceMovement of ball carrier to change direction away from original point of attack, usually taking an inside designed play outside
BoundaryThe side of the offensive formation is nearer to the sideline
BoxAn area of the defense that is bounded horizontally by the TE and vertically by the LB depth.
BoxA play in which the DE works vertically to the depth of the ball and then turns inward to attack the ball
BoxThe area on the defensive side of the ball close to the formation, typically starting just outside the offensive EMOL and stopping at the LB level
Box CoverageA 4 on 3 coverage designated first flat, first in, first up outside, first up inside.
Bow coverageA 4 on 3 coverage with SS as first flat and WILL on first inside (same as Box with different people involved)
BracketA general term for the inside/outside coverage on one receiver by two defenders
Break the PlaneWhen the football breaks the invisible plane that extends vertically upward from the goal line
Broken IOffset I formation
BroncoSink on the #2 receiver until threatened by #3. 3-deep principal. Also a common call for a DE to drop in coverage under #2
Brush BlockBlock where the blocker just brushes the defender and then passes him off
BruteExtra defensive lineman
BubblePortion of the defensive line where there is no defensive lineman
BubbleA gap in the offense which doesn't have a DL aligned directly in it
Bubble RouteA route concept in which the receiver immediately runs parallel to the LOS toward the sideline
Bubble ScreenWR screen where the WR breaks horizontally toward the sideline
Buck Lateral SeriesA series of plays, originally from the single-wing formation that, at the snap, looked identical, but gave the option to give the ball to multiple players. Utilized backfield handoffs and fakes to confuse the defense
Bucket StepFirst step by a back or OL where he steps to 4 or 8 O'Clock to gain depth while moving horizontally
BullTo put the bottom of the back of the helmet into the shoulder pads, important for keeping eyes on ball carrier and preventing neck injury
Bull RushStraight on move where the goal is to leverage and over power the blocker
BumpThe act of bumping a receiver off of his route in pass coverage
Bump and RunThe act of bumping a receiver off of his route in pass coverage and then running with him
BunchTightly aligned group of two or three receivers
BunchA group of receivers aligned tight to one another
ButtonhookA route run by a receiver that runs vertically and quickly turns to face the QB
BuzzThe movement in coverage from one level to another (i.e. a safety buzzing down to the flat or a DE buzzing to the flat in coverage).

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