Nomenclature - N

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Naked BootlegA play fake in which the QB fakes a handoff to a RB and then rolls out opposite with no blockers in front of him.
Nasty SplitA offensive split, in which traditionally a TE, Wing, or WR align as wide as possible while still appearing to be attached to the formation
NearA offensive formation in which there is a RB directly behind the under center QB and RB aligned next to him toward the run strength. Could also denote the RB specifically aligned toward from strength
Neutral zoneThe area of the field between the offense and defense, traditionally the length of the football along the LOS pre-snap
Nickel backA fifth defensive back brought onto the field. Traditionally aligns over the slot receiver
Nickel DefenseA type of defense that utilizes five defensive backs
No BackAn offensive personnel grouping which has no RBs
Notre Dame Box OffenseA variation of the single-wing made popular by Knute Rockne (though invented by Amos Alonzo Stagg). Players initially lined up in a T formation and then shifted, with the TB behind the center at about 4-5 yards, a FB next to him, and two up backs to the same side of the formation as the FB and inside the TE.
NTNose Tackle, an interior DL aligned over the center
Number BlockingA method of identifying which blocker is responsible for which defender

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