Nomenclature - M

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MACMiddle Linebacker in 3-4
Man BlockingA blocking concept in which blockers are assigned to a specific man
Man CoverageA coverage or defense in which a defender is assigned to a specific player
Man FreeAnother term for Cover 1
Man UnderA defense with two deep safeties and man coverage underneath
Maryland II formation with two lead-blockers in front of a Tailback
Max ProtectionRetaining RBs and Tes in to block instead of releasing into a route. Or keeping additional blockers in on a punt to avoid a kick being blocked
MEG"Man Everywhere he Goes". A call in a combination coverage to stick in man-to-man regardless of the route release
Middle ScreenA screen pass that is thrown near where the QB initially aligned
Midline OptionAn option play in which the "dive" portion of the triple option goes right through the Center's initial position
MIKEMiddle Linebacker
MisdirectionAny play that initially looks to go one direction and then goes a different direction
MLBMiddle Linebacker
MOD"Man Only Deep". A call to go into man-to-man coverage unless the receiver runs a short route
MOFC"Middle of Field Closed". A Single-High defense with a defender playing the deep middle of the field
MOFO"Middle of Field Open". A two-high defense with defenders playing deep halfs.
MonsterAnother term for a strong safety
MugA defender getting up on the LOS and threatening to blitz, often before dropping back into coverage
MuffA punt that is touched by a returner but not controlled.

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