Nomenclature - L

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LaneA large gap between defenders in which to clearly run the ball or pass the ball without a defender in the way
LateralA thrown ball to a player that is backwards. Can happen behind or beyond the LOS
LBAbbreviation for Linebacker
LBAbbreviation for Left Back
Lead BlockA RB block directly at a second level defender through the same hole the play is designed to hit
Lead OptionAn option play which also utilizes a lead blocker. Also known as Power Option
Lead PlayA type of run play with a lead blocker. Similar or the same as an isolation play
LeakA RB releasing into a route after an initial delay, either after reading he doesn't have pass protection responsibilities, or designed to force the coverage to lose him
Left BackA RB aligned to the left of the QB
Left Corner BackThe CB aligned to the left of the football, when looking at the offense from the defensive perspective
Left Defensive EndA defensive end aligned to the left of the ball, lined up against the right tackle
Left EndA Tight End that aligns to the left of the QB
Left GuardLeft Guard, and offensive position that is aligned to the left of the center
Left Inside LinebackerThe Inside Linebacker aligned to the left of the football from the defensive perspective
Left Outside LinebackerThe Outside Linebacker aligned to the left of the football from the defensive perspective
Left TackleLeft Tackle, an offensive linemen that is aligned outside the guard position
Left WingA wing, aligned off the LOS next to a TE or Offensive Tackle, that is to the left of the QB
Leg WhipAn illegal play where a player on the ground attempts to trip another player by "whipping" his leg
LeoA term specifically used to denote "left"
LeverageThe key to football. Can mean one player getting leverage on an opponent to be able to control them, or a team getting leverage on the opponent in order to get to a certain spot on the field
LGAbbreviation for Left Guard
LGLeft Guard
LILBAbbrevition for Left Inside Linebacker
Line CallVerbal blocking instruction given prior to the snap
Line JudgeThe official lined up along the sideline opposite the head linesmen
Line of ScrimmageThe imaginary line extending from sideline to sideline where the ball is initially spoted for the snap
Line SplitsThe distance between offensive linemen pre-snap
LinebackerA defensive position, typically aligned off the LOS or next to the defensive line. Forms the second level of the defense. Backs the line
LockCoverage assignment in which a defender will play man-to-man on a single receiver without switching. Can be a gameplan assignment, or an assignment within a combination coverage
Log BlockA type of block in which a defender tries to get inside the blocker and the blocker rolls around him (similar to rolling on a log) to seal him inside
LOLBAbbreviation for Left Outside Linebacker
Long CountA snap count that has multiple signals to go before finally snapping the ball
Long SnapperA special teams player that is responsible for snapping the ball for punts and kicks
Long TrapA trap run play in which an OL blocks a 1st line defender 4-5 gaps away
LoopA defender looping around multiple other defenders in order to attack a gap away from his initial alignment. Akin to an offensive pull
LooseWhen a defensive player has greater horizontal separation from his opponent away from the ball
LOSAbbrebiation for "Line of Scrimmage"
LOSLine of Scrimmage
Low ShoulderA man-to-man coverage technique in which a DB from a bump alignment plays slightly behind the receiver (back toward the QB) because he has help further downfield
LTAbbreviation for Left Tackle
LTLeft Tackle
LurkA designated safety covering "middle inside" area at 10-15 yards depth
LWAbbreviation for Left Wing

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