Nomenclature - I

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I-FormationA formation in which the QB, FB, and TB are aligned in an I shape.
ILBInside Linebacker; typically aligns over the guards or inside
Illegal FormationA formation in which there are more than 4 players lined up in the offensive backfield
InA pass route that starts upfield before breaking directly inside
In motionWhen an offensive player that is off the LOS moves laterally prior to or during the snap of the football
In phaseThe same as "in sync". Coverage in which the defender is even with the receiver and therefore can play optimal defense of a pass
In SyncCoverage in which the defender is even with the receiver and is therefore able to maintain optimal coverage
Ineligible Receiver DownfieldAn offensive player that is not aligned in the backfield pre-snap, and has an offensive player aligned on the LOS nearer to either sideline, that goes downfield on a pass play
InfluenceA maneuver taken by a player to cause an opponent to react in a desired manner.
Influence BlockA block that is intended to influence the defense in some way, such as a puller in the opposite direction of a play to pull the defense in that way.
Inside ZoneA type of run play with zone blocking that attacks toward the inside the formation
Inside-Out PursuitDefensive philosophy in which the defense ensures inside gaps are accounted for before moving outside with the ball carrier
Intentional GroundingA penalty when the QB intentially throws the ball in order to avoid a sack. Is only called when in the tackle box and there is no receiver in the area of the throw
Interior LineOffensive Guards and Centers, or DL inside the defensive ends
InvertThe act of two players switching nominal assignments. Inverting coverage or inverting paths in an offensive play
Isolation PlayA type of run play in which a second level defender is to be blocked by a specific offensive player, typically a lead blocker.

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