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FFlanker, WR that aligned off LOS
FAbbreviation for "fullback" or "Flanker"
F BlockCut block the DT or Double to ILB
FadeA vertical pass route in which the receiver runs down the sideline and a pass is thrown over his inside shoulder
Fair CatchA signal made by a punt or kick returner where he waives his arms prior to catching the ball to indicate he is not attempting to return the kick
FakeThe act of faking a play in order to surprise the defense. A fake kick or punt would initially align in the kick or punt formation and instead running an offensive play. A play fake would be faking run action. Etc.
False StartA penalty which occurs when a set offensive player moves prior to the snap in a while that simulates the start of play.
False StepsUnnecessary steps that provide a player no benefit and often cause them to be too slow to get into their assignment
FanA blocking scheme in which the OL fans out to block the defensive players
FarA offensive formation in which there is a RB directly behind the under center QB and RB aligned next to him opposite the run strength. Could also denote the RB specifically aligned away from strength
Far SideThe side of the offensive formation furthest from the sideline
FBAbbreviation for "fullback".
FBAbbreviation for "Football"
FCBField Cornerback
FGAbbreviation for a field goal
FieldA defensive term which denotes the side of the ball that has more coverage area. I.E. if the ball is aligned on the left hash, the area from the ball to the far sideline is the "field". Also, the playing surface.
Field JudgeThe official lined up in the defensive backfield
Field positionThe yard line the ball is on. In general sense, the area of the field where the ball is. Good field position is nearer to the end zone in which you are trying to score
FillA defensive responsibility to "fill a gap", i.e. for a defense to maintain gap integrity. Also, a replacement of a blocker by another blocker to fill a gap, such as a RB replacing a pulling OL
Fire BlitzA 5 man pressure scheme with zone coverage behind it. Often utilzes defensive linemen dropping into zones
First LevelThe level of the defense that is aligned directly on the LOS
FLFlanker, WR that aligned off LOS
Flag PatternA corner route in which the initial path is vertical until the receiver breaks to the back corner (flag) of the endzone
FlankedThe act of a defender getting sealed inside when he has outside responsibility
FlankerA receiver split off from the OL and is off of the LOS
FlareParellel route to the LOS run by RBs
Flare ControlOffensive backs using a complementary route to control the underneath coverage on a pass play
FlatThe area of the field outside the hashmarks and about 0-10 yards forward the LOS from the offense
Flat ZoneArea of the field in coverage, from outside the TE, and 0-5 yards beyond the LOS.
Flea FlickerA trick play in which the QB first hands the ball to the RB, and then the RB pitches the ball back to the QB in order to throw a pass
Flexbone FormationAn offensive formation which has three RBs (two lined up in the wing position outside the offensive EMOL) called slot backs or wing backs, an a FB aligned directly behind the QB. An evolution of the wishbone
Flipper TechniqueA technique utilized by a blocker in which his arm is flexed upward, like a flipper, and he utilizes that flipper to maintain contact/leverage on first level defenders while moving to the second level
FloodMultiple receiver options in one area of the field. "Flooding a zone". Typically toward one sideline
FlowThe general, initial direction that an offensive play is going. Misdirection utilizes "flow" to pull the defense opposite
Fold BlockA two-person blocking scheme in which one blocker down blocks into a gap, and the other blocker folds underneath him before working to the second level
ForceA defender responsible for maintaining outside leverage outside the offensive formation
FormationThe way in which the elevel players on one side of the ball are aligned at the start of a play
Forward PassA pass thrown in the forward direction from behind the LOS
Forward ProgressThe spot at which the offensive ball carrier reached when his forward momentum was haulted by the defense. The ball will be spoted at the further forward point when the play is blown dead
Four-Minute DrillA type of offense intended to take time off the clock, typically toward the end of games when one team is only trying to maintain possession to prevent the other team from coming back
Four-Point StanceAn initial stance in which the player has both hands on the ground at the snap
Free DefenderA defender that is not accounted for by the blocking scheme
Free RusherA defender that is rushing the passer that does not get accounted for in the pass protection scheme
Free SafetyA defensive back position that tends to align away from the play strength and in the deepest area of the field
FreezeA two-man play where the QB attempts to draw the defense offsides, and the center snaps the ball in the event someone jumps.Can sometimes include a WR running a downfield route to get a "free play". Can also be similar to "check with me"
FrontThe number of defenders in the box and the way they align
Front FourThe defensive linemen in a 4-3 defense
Front SevenThe linemen and LBs in a traditional base defense. Does not include defensive backs
FSFree Safety, Field Safety
Full House formationAnother name for the T Formation
FullbackA type of RB that traditionally is used as a blocker or between the tackles runner.
FumbleWhen a ball carrier loses control of the ball.
FumblerooskiA trick play in which the ball is snapped, immediately placed on the ground, and a pulling OL picks it up and runs with it
FunnelA coverage technique, primarily by the LBs, in which the defender responsible for man-to-man coverage will depend on the release into a route (i.e. if a RB releases in the direction of a LB, that LB will be responsible for coverage)

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