Nomenclature - W

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WWing or fourth receiver
WaggleA type of play action roll out play
WDEWeakside Defensive End
WeaksideThe side of the offensive formation with fewer players. The weakside of a run formation is typically opposite the TE. The weakness of passing formation is typically the side with less receivers
West Coast OffenseA style of offense that relies on a quick passing attack based on timing and the ability to gain run after the catch. Origins argued, but often credited to Sid Gillman. Made famous by Bill Walsh and his subsequent coaching tree.
Wham BlockA type of trap block that comes from a backfield player in which the RB seals a backside interior DL to the backside of the play.
Wham PlayA run play, similar to a trap play, with the block coming from a backfield player rather than an OL.
Wheel RouteA route which initially starts toward the sideline before getting vertical
Wide OutAnother term for Wide Receiver
Wide ReceiverAn offensive position which aligns presnap on or near the LOS and split off the offensive formation
Wildcat OffenseAn update of the single-wing formation, in which the B splits out wide and a RB receives the ball directly. There are many variations, including those that run traditional plays, but was made famous again by Auburn in corporated a deep snap and another RB running a sweep
WILLWeakside Linebacker
Wishbone OffenseAn offensive formation that utilizes three RBs, with a FB directly behind the QB and two HBs lined up one yard outside and behind the FB.
WLBWeakside Linebacker
WR ScreenA screen pass which is thrown to a WR
Wrong ArmA defensive technique in which you force yourself to the opposite side of a blocker than he wishes

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