Nomenclature - O

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OAbbreviation for "Opposite", typically used for noting pulling the opposite Guard, such as Power O
O BlockA block by the offensive guard where he pulls from the backside of the play to the frontside.
Odd FrontA defensive front which has an odd number of defensive linemen, covering the Center
OH BlockA block in which the backside guard pulls to the frontside of the formation and kicks the defensive EMOL and the H-Back leads up through the hole.
OF BlockA block in which the backside guard pulls to the frontside of the formation and kicks the defensive EMOL and the FB leads up through the hole.
Off TechniqueA coverage alignment in which the defender aligns initially with a larger distance between the receiver and himself (i.e. not press technique).
Offset I FormationAn I formation in which the FB is shifted either to strength (Strong I) or away from strength (Weak I)
Offsetting penaltiesPenalties that committed by both teams on a single play which cancel each other out.
Off-TackleA run play that is run outside the offensive tackle and inside the TE
OGOffensive Guard
OG BlockA blocking scheme in which both the playside and backside guard pull to the playside of the run play.
OLOffensive Line
OLBOutside Linebacker; typically aligns outside of the guards
Onside KickA kickoff that is generally kicked just beyond 10 yards and is attempted to be recovered by the kicking team
Open SideThe side of an offensive formation without a TE
OptionAn offensive play in which the ball carrier has an option to keep the ball or hand/pitch/pass the ball to another offensive player depending on his read of the defense
Option OffenseAn offensive scheme which utilizes reads of the defense post-snap to determine which offensive option (or player) is utilized to take best advantage of the defenses reaction
OTOffensive Tackle
OT BlockA block in which the backside guard and backside tackle pull to the frontside of the play, with the first blocker kicking out the playside defensive EMOL and the second pulling to the second level.
Out routeA route in which a receiver initially goes vertical before breaking outside toward the sideline
Out ZoneThe area of the field in coverage from 3-5 yards depth to 10-12 yards depth, outside the numbers on the field to the sideline.
Outside ZoneA type of run play with zone blocking that attacks toward the outer edge of the formation
Over FrontWhen the defensive line is shifted toward the play strength

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