Nomenclature - D

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D gapGap between tight end and wing (or sideline if no wing)
Dash PassStraight drop back with a late sprint out
DaylightAn opening in the defense through which the ball carrier can run
DBDefensive Back
DEDefensive End
Dead BallOutside the duration of the play
DecoyA player who draws the attention of the defense but is not the intended ball carrier on the play
Deep HalfThe area of the field in coverage deeper than 10-12 yards from the LOS, broken into two halves down the middle of the field
Deep Middle ZoneThe deep third zone in the center of the field
Deep Outside ZoneThe deep third zone toward the sideline
Deep PullTechnique used by 2nd puller on counter plays. Puller gains depth.
Deep ThirdThe area of the field in coverage deeper than 10-12 yards from the LOS, broken into two outside thirds and a middle third
Defensive BackDefender whose primary responsibility is defending against passes to deep or wide zones or passes to quick receivers, typically safeties and cornerbacks
Defensive EndA defensive position in which a defender is aligned on at the end of the offensive line along the LOS
Defensive LinemenThe defensive positions that are aligned directly across from the offensive line on the LOS
Defensive TackleAn interior defensive linemen
Delay of Game (DoG)When the playclock expires
Delayed BlitzInitially look like the defender won't rush the passer, wait a beat or two, and then start blitz
Delayed ReleaseA release into a route after a brief delay, typically a one or two-count
DentPass rush move where near arm slaps down blocker's far arm
Deuce2 DBs man-to-man technique on the 2nd widest wide receiver
DigShallow or intermediate depth route that breaks inward and is run parallel to the LOS
Dime backA six DB on the field for the defense
Dime DefenseA type of defense that utilizes six defensive backs
Dink and DunkShort passing game.
Direct snapA snap that is directed right at a RB rather than to a QB or punter
Disengage (Shed)Getting off of a block
DisguiseEffort by the defense to prevent the offense from recognizing which type of coverage is being used
DiveQuick-hitting offensive run play which the RB takes the ball straight through the A or B gape with no lead blocker
DLDefensive Line
DogA blitz by the LB
DogA blitzer
Dollar backA seventh DB on the field for the defense
DotPosition of back aligned behind QB in one back set
Double CoveragePass coverage in which two pass defenders cover one receiver
Double teamBlock or pass coverage of one guy by two blockers or two coverage defenders
Double TeamA pair of blockers in a man/gap blocking scheme that will double team a first level player, often while working to a backside second level player
Double TwinsOne-back, two slot-receivers, two-outside receivers on the LOS
Double WingBalanced offensive formation with two wingbacks and one RB behind the QB and center.
Down BlockInward block by an offensive lineman or wing
DownfieldAway from the LOS on the defensive side; means same as "upfield"
Downfield BlockingBlocking by the offense down the field. OL can release on 1st and 2nd level blocks and receivers can block DBs down field.
DownhillStraight ahead running with momentum
DragShallow crossing route across the formation
DrawA play which initially looks like a pass but is a run play.
DriveAn offensive possession
Drive BlockOne offensive player pushing one defensive player away from the offensive point of attack
DropQB's initial steps to gain depth in the pocket; when a pass hits a receivers hands but he drops it
DTDefensive Tackle, and interior DL
Dummy AudibleA verbal call made to sound like an audible, but actually means nothing in terms of an offensive change

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