Nomenclature - Q

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QBAbbreviation for Quarterback
QB DropThe number of steps and timing of steps that the QB takes immediately after receiving the snap on a pass play
QuadsFour receivers aligned to one side of the formation
QuarterbackAn offensive player that initially receivers the snap from the center
Quarterback SneakA play in which the QB attempts to immediately receive the snap and move forward to gain yards
QuartersSame or a type of Cover 4
Quick KickA play in which the offensive personnel remains on the field, but the QB receives the snap and then kicks it rather than attempting to run an offensive play
Quick ScreenQuick pass behind the LOS to a RB or WR (1 count)
Quick TrapA trap run play in which an interior OL trap blocks a defender two gaps away.
Quick OutA route in which the receiver runs a short distance downfield before breaking out toward the sideline
Quick SnapWhen the Center immediately snaps the ball to the QB upon the offense getting set

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