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HA TE/FB hybrid type player, plays off the LOS; or receiver that aligns off the LOS
Hail MaryA passing play where the offense is forced to throw the ball deep down field in hopes that one of many receivers in an area will come down with the pass, i.e. a prayer
Half the distanceWhen a penalty is called on a team near the goal line, if the penalty distance is greater than half the distance to the end zone, then the ball will only moved half the distance to the goal line
HalfbackA type of RB, traditionally more of a runner. Can also be referred to as a tailback
Half-ManThe act, typically of a defender, or attacking one side of a blocker such that it makes it more difficult to block you and prevent you from defending your assignment gap or rushing the passer
Hand-offThe act of transferring the ball directly to another ball carrier
Hands to the FaceAn illegal play in which one player puts his hands in the face of an opposing player, typically to block or defeat a block
Hang TimeThe amount of time between when the ball leaves the foot of a kicker/punter and the returner catches it.
Hard CountWhen a QB simulates a snap, typically with great enthusiasm, in an effort to draw the defense off sides
Hard EdgeA defensive alignment that has a defender aligned directly outside and on the LOS from the offensive EMOL
HashmarksThe marks nearest the middle of the field that indicate each yard of the football field. The football will always be snapped between the hashmarks, nearest to where the ball carrier was tackled on the previous play.
HBHalf-back, sometimes positioned in backfield at TB depth, FB depth, or aligned at the Wing
H-BackRB (typically a FB) aligned in the backfield at a wing depth
Head LinesmanAn official that is on the sideline that straddles the LOS
Head-UpWhen a defender is aligned directly across from an offensive player
HelpOn defense, when a teammate is in a position to provide help in the event the offense reacts in a certain way. For example, inside help indicates a defender should ensure he covers anything outside because he has another defender inside of him that can help
Hide RouteAny delayed release by a receiver aligned behind another receiver in order to read the coverage and determine the best way to get off the LOS. Often used in stack formations, by TEs or by RBs
High ShoulderA man-to-man coverage technique in which the DB from bump alignment plays the further upfield (in the direction of the route) than the receiver
HitchA type of route in which the receiver initially goes vertical before breaking directly back to the football. Typically shorter than a hook
HolderA special teams player that receives the snap on field goal kicks and holds the ball for the kicker
HoldingAn penalty on offense or defense in which a player holds an opponent
HoleA gap in the offensive line in which there is no defender filling.
HoleThe area of the defense, traditionally a Cover 2, behind the MIKE and in front of the safeties
HookA pass route in which the receiver runs down field and then immeidately turns back to face the QB. Typically deeper than a hitch.
HookA zone drop typically by a defensive tackle in a zone blitz scheme
Hook BlockBlocks in which you get playside of any defender that is aligned head up on you are the next one backside.
Hook ZoneArea in coverage typically from just outside the TE to the Center, starting at 2-5 yards depth, and ending at 10-12 yards depth
Hook and lateralA trick play in which a receiver catches a pass from the QB and then immediately pitches it backward to another offensive player that is running downfield. Not to be confused by a "Hook and ladder", which is a firemen term
Horizontal StretchAn offensive player that forces the defense to defend the width of the field
HotA WR route (potentially a sight adjustment) that is designed to be thrown in an area where the offense can't account for a blitzer
H-TETE (typically a FB) aligned in the backfield at a wing depth
HuddleA grouping of players prior to the snap to communicate play calls and assignments for a given play
HugA coverage technique, which when an eligible receiver looks to be setting up to block, the defender attacks him and engages him such that he can't release into a route.
Hurry Up, No HuddleAn offensive tactic to dictate the tempo whereby the offense hurries to the LOS, without forming a huddle, and calls a play via signs or hand signals or simple words. This prevents the defense from huddling and forces them to quickly align, or to "Hurry, Hurry."

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