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TOffensive Tackle
T BlockA RB block in which he is responsible for cutting an interior DL
T FormationAn offensive formation in which 3 RBs are aligned about 4 yards behind the QB, with the QB under cetner, the FB directly behind the QB, and two HBs flanking the FB on each side. Also known as a full house formation
Tackle BoxAn area in the backfield as defined as between where the two offensive tackles aligned presnap
TailbackThe deepest RB from the offensive line. Traditionally the primary ball carrier
Tampa 2A cover 2 defensive coverage in which the MIKE drops deeper to cover the hole in the defense
TBAbbreviation for Tailback
TBTail back, the RB furthest back in I-formation
TDAbbreviation for Touchdown
TETight End, aligned next to the OT
TE ScreenA screen pass which is thrown to a TE
TempoThe pace at which the ball is snapped from one play to the next; often insinuates fast tempo, but can be slow
TEXA stunt between the Tackle and End where the Tackle goes first and the End loops over the top
Third LevelThe level of the defense that is aligned deep, behind the LB position
Three-Point StanceAn initial stance in which the player has one hands on the ground at the snap
TiltA pre-snap alignment, typically by a DL (specifically a NT) in which he is not aligned with his shoulders square to the LOS, but is instead "tilted" in the direction of a specific player (typically the center)
TiteThe act of moving a linemen inside one gap then they would normally align in a front. I.E. A DE alignment head up on the TE with D-gap responsibility in a 4-man front, or a DE going from a 5-technique to a 4i-technique in a 3-man front
Tite FrontA 3 down DL defense in which the DL align in 4i-technique, 0-technique, and 4i-technique. Comes from alignment designation of moving a 5-technique to a 4i-technique
TossLike a sweep run play in which the ball is tossed from the QB to the ball carrier
TouchbackWhen a defense or return team receives the ball within their own end zone and doesn't leave the end zone. Results in the ball being placed at the 20 yard line
TouchdownWhen the ball crosses the defensive end zone.
TradeA shift of multiple offensive players from one side of the formation to the other. The offense must be set prior to snapping the ball
TradeTwo defensive backs changing assignments on a blitz or zone coverage based on alignment
Trail CoverageCoverage in which the defender is following the path of the receiver behind him
Trap CoverageA coverage in which a defender initially reroute the receiver over him to give the impression of man coverage before rerouting back into another zone in the event a receiver enters it. Typically seen a 2-trap, in which the CB reroutes #1 before going back to the flat in the event a receiver enters it.
Trap PlayAn offensive play where a DL is intentionally let through the OL only to be blocked to be blocked by another OL coming from a different location
TreyA type of trips formation
Triangle Coverage3-on-2 coverage with first out, first in, with third player taking second outside and second inside
Triangle ProgressionA pass route concept
TripsA offensive formation in which three receivers are aligned to one side of the QB
TUG Block"Tackle Under Guard" backside pin and pull or fold block
Tunnel ScreenA type of WR screen that works inside to attack the natural tunnel that is formed in a defense between the defensive backs and the defensive front
TurnoverWhen one team losses possession of the football to the other team
TwinsA formation which has two receivers on the same side of the ball
TwistA defensive line stunt when two defender's paths twist around each other
Two-Minute DrillAn offense intended to move the ball quickly in order to comeback from a scoring deficit
Two-Point StanceAn initial stance in which the player has no hands on the ground
Two-Way GoWhen you attack an opponent in such a way that it allows you to release/threaten both sides of them (i.e. a route or attacking a blocker)

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