Nomenclature - R

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RaceA defensive line technique in which the first action is to get upfield, preventing anything from getting outside of you, often in a goal to maintain outside leverage on outside runs or perform a speed rush
RamboA man-to-man defense technique with a DB and LB playing two receivers based on their release
RatA man-to-man defense term telling a specific defender he is responsible for the short middle area in coverage
RBRunning back
RB ScreenAlso known as HB Screen, FB Screen, a screen pass which is thrown to a RB
ReachA type of block in which the blocker is aligned to the backside of the play and after the snap is able to get to a defender and the defender to the backside of the play
Read OffenseAn offensive scheme which utilizes reads of the defense post-snap to determine which offensive option (or player) is utilized to take best advantage of the defenses reaction. Same as option offense
Read StepA post-snap step by a defender to allow them to maintain appropriate position while still reading the offensive play, before performing their assignment
Red DogAnother term for blitz
Red ZoneThe area of the field from the defense's 20 yard line to the end zone
Reduced FrontA defensive line alignment where the defensive end and tackle move inward on the weakside
RefereeThe lead official, typically position in the backfield
ReleaseThe initial path and method of getting off the LOS for a receiver
Re-routeThe act of a defender pushing, impeding, or otherwise moving a receiver to avoid them running a route exactly as intended/timed
RestrictTechnique used by the backside defender to minimize the backside gap as much as possible without allowing the play to get outside of you
ReverseA run play that initially goes in one direction before being handed off back in the other direction. Different than an end around
RGRight Guard
Rip MoveA move by a defensive player in which a defender rips his arm up under a blockers armpit in an effort to leverage and turn the blocker
Rip/LizA call denoting the "Right" and "Left" side
Rip/Liz CoverageA type of Cover 3 pattern matching defense popularized by Nick Saban
RobberA deep defensive player moving forward in coverage to defend the short area of the field, typically around 5-10 yards deep beyond the LOS, typically in the "Hole" or in a "Seam" of a traditional defensive coverage
Rolled-Up CornerA CB aligned with minimal cushion on a WR
RolloutA play where the QB receives the snap before rolling or moving to one side of the offensive formation in order to change his location on the field before throwing the football
Roll-out passA pass in which the QB immediately leaves the pocket in one direction or another, often paired with play action
Route conceptSame as Route Pattern
Route patternA group of individual pass routes used in combination
RoverA defensive position, meaning depends on defense. Can be in place of a Strong Safety, or a weakside LB, or something else
RoverTypically a LB/Safety Hybrid that can roam the field depending on offensive formation and defensive play call
RTRight Tackle
Rub RouteA combination of routes, one that intentional "rubs" or "picks" a defender to get another receiver open
Run and ShootA style of offense that relies on choice and sight-adjustment passes, spread formations, and running against weakened numbers. Often credited to Mouse Davis
Run Pass OptionAn offensive play which contains both a run and a pass option, nominally with the run option and offensive line executing a basic run scheme packaged with a pass concept by the WR
Rush EndA DE whose primary responsibility is to get to the QB

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