Nomenclature - G

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GAbbreviation for Guard, often noted for pulling the playside Guard
GOffensive Guard
G BlockA block in which the linemen (and TE) lined up playside block down, and the playside guard pulls and blocks the defensive EMOL (see: Down G)
GameAnother term for "stunt" for a defense. Helps assist pass rush or run defense by changing responsible gaps from pre-snap look
Game ClockThe clock responsible for indicating the amount of time left in the quarter/game
GapThe space between offensive blockers where a ball carrier may run through. Primarily a defensive term
Gap 8An old defensive formation in which a defender was aligned at the snap in every offensive gap. Lead blockers and the forward pass makes it difficult to run effectively now
Gap blockingA blocking principle in which offensive players are responsible for blocking to open up a specific gap
Gap DefenseA defensive alignement which places a down lineman and/or a LB between every offensive linemen instead of in front of them.
Gap IntegrityA defense that maintains its assignments so as to defend every offensive gap
Gap SoundA defense that has a defender responsible for every offensive gap
Getting SkinnyThe act of a defender of not presenting a large surface of your body to defend, thereby making it more difficult to be blocked. Can also be the act of a ball carrier in order to squeeze through run lanes without being contacted
GhostA offensive player's normal position even though he is not there, i.e. line up outside the "Ghost" TE (there is no TE there, but if there was, you're position would be outside of him).
Go RouteA type of route in which the receivers run straight down field. The same as a streak
Green DogA blitz by a defensive player once he identifies the man he is responsible for in coverage is staying in to block.
Green ZoneThe area of the field from the goal line you're defending to your own 20 yard line when on offense
Grid IronAnother term for a football field, due to the fact that in the early days of football, the chalk outline actually looked like a grid iron
GunnerA special teams position that aligns outside the formation and is primarily responsible for tackling and funneling the returner
GUT Block"Guard Under Tackle", playside pin and pull block

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