Nomenclature - E

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E gapGap outside of wing
Eagle DefenseA type of 5-2 defense, invented by Philidolphia Eagles coach Earle Neale.
East-WestRunning horizontally rather than vertically
EATEnd and Tackle - Combo block between the TE and the OT
Easy BlockY-TE releasing outside to block the support defender
EdgeJust outside the end man on the line of scrimmage, outside of which is the perimeter
Eight-man frontA defensive formation with eight players in the box
Eligible ReceiverA player who is legally allowed to touch the ball when thrown forward to. Total of 6 maximum on any given play.
EMOLEnd Man On the Line
EMOL/EMLOSAbbreviation for the end man on the line of scrimmage. On offense, it's the last player on the LOS attached to the formation, on defense, it's the last defender on the line of scrimmage close to the formation.
EmptyAn offensive backfield without a RB
EncroachmentA penalty where a defender enters the neutral zone before the ball is snapped (crosses the LOS)
End AroundA play where a receiver starts on the LOS and runs the ball around the formation to the outside.
End LineThe line marking out of bounds at the back of the end zones
End ZonesThe 10 yard section stretching the width of the field on both ends of the playing field where touchdowns are scored
EvenA defense in which there is no nose tackle (no one aligned over the center), or; a defensive front in which the number of defenders who would not cover a receiver is the same on both sides of the center
ExchangeBall moving from the QB to the RB
ExchangeA switch in assignments, ie Scape exchange or crack exchange
ExecutionEfficient and proper way of getting the job done
EXITA stunt between End and Tackle where End goes first and Tackle loops over the top
ExoticAny unusual formation or coverage
Extra PointThe kicked point after a touchdown is scored

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